We, the People, know the truth; the Civil War was all About Slavery and Greed

Rober E Lee

Let me begin with the first paragraph in the Daily Kos, written by Mark Sumner. There is no way that I could have said this better.

[The connection between Donald Trump’s defense of 150-year-old traitors and the police murder of George Floyd isn’t a one-way street. It’s a gyre, one that spins around the settlement America made once it had ticked the moral high ground box by “defeating slavery.” That settlement came in the form of a permanent Black underclass; in an agreement that gave every white person a small share of the advantage slave-owning southerners enjoyed during antebellum.]

There have been many false stories written by men and women who continue to believe in white supremacy about leaders of the Confederacy. Some had the audacity to claim that “not all of the leaders who fought in the Civil War from the south believed in slavery.” This is a blatant lie. This insurrection by the Confederacy was primarily about the “right” to own other humans. It was also about what has always been one of America’s greatest evils, greed. Large plantations required a large number of workers, and slaves were nearly ‘free labor.’


The first slaves from Africa took steps on the ‘new world’ in 1619. From that day until today some progress has been made to end racism. However, laws and policies are not enough. The reason America has never been a ‘great’ country is because racism has never been eradicated in our nation. For eight years while Barrack Obama was our president, many of the fascist hate groups who now support Trump were hiding under rocks or hidden in the slime in swamps and cesspools. With a leader in the White House, these same groups are marching proudly in our streets once again. I find it revolting that when these anti-Americans march, Trump claims that they are “good people.” He has labeled the Black Lives Matter movement as protesters controlled by “criminals and fascists.”

Neo-Nazi rally

Trump recently signed an executive order adding criminal penalties for the desecration of any and all statues and monuments, including those honoring our nation’s enemies who sought to destroy our Union in the mid 1800’s.

We, the people, can do better than this, but not with Trump and the hypocritical Trump Party in Washington. Time to join the rest of developed nations and literally grow up. There is no room in my America for prejudice, bigotry, or racism.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Eli Christman

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