This Poll Proves two Things; Trump is not America’s President, and he is Definitely a White Supremacist

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“Nine out of 10 Americans believe that racism and law enforcement violence are problems in America.”

The former is the result of a poll taken in late June. Trump continues to claim that there is no “systemic racism” in America, and that the protesters across America are “thugs and criminals.” As monuments to the men who committed treason against the United States of America to protect their “right” to own slaves are torn from their pedestals and destroyed, Trump became livid and claimed that these men were “American heroes.”

BLM Protests

Some 91% of Americans now agree that racism is a problem in the US and 72% deem it is a serious one. Similarly, 89% think police violence is a problem and 65% consider it serious.

He opposes the goal of protesters, which is to end the abuse and murder of black Americans.

For the last six months Trump has demonstrated that he is on the opposite side of the fence from most Americans. While he ignored the coming pandemic, intelligent men and women listened to scientists and their state’s governors. Thousands of lives were saved. A study revealed that if Trump had acted expeditiously and definitively in January, as many as 50,000 lives could have been saved.

As Covid-19 cases increase dramatically across America, Trump is telling the American people, “you just have to live with it.”

Coronavirus (2)

When the New York Times and CNN exposed Russia’s program to have U.S. soldiers murdered and offered payment of bounties to the Taliban, Trump protected Putin and called the stories “fake news,” although the evidence was overwhelming. The next day it was revealed that Trump was informed of Russia’s crimes in March of 2019 in the President’s Daily Brief. He ignored the truth and hid it from the American people for more than a year. Once again he was on the wrong side of the fence. Is he “working” for America, or Vladimir Putin?

Trump’s poll numbers are indicative of a lack of trust in your illegitimate president. In swing states and some red states voters who once supported Trump strongly are moving away from the man who continues to fail his nation currently involved in three major crises.

Bloomberg reported. “[T]hose who live in counties with a high number of virus cases were 50% more likely to say they no longer approve of Trump.”

In just a month, Trump has lost the confidence of millions of voters. Those who are “not satisfied at all” have grown significantly.

Overall in the U.S. the number has risen from 41 percent to 48 percent. In key states which helped Trump win the Electoral College there are significant changes.

Arizona moved from 41 to 47 percent.

Florida, 38 to 46.

Georgia, 38 to 45.

Iowa, 37 to 45.

Michigan 39 to 47.

North Carolina, 39 to 45.

Ohio, 35 to 41.

Pennsylvania, 38 to 46.

Texas, 37 to 43

Wisconsin, 40 to 48

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are the three state who, with a total of 77,000 votes, gave Trump the Electoral College in 2016.

Voting (2)

Trump has proven that he is both incapable and unwilling to lead our nation; time for him to go. He deserves an historical loss in November. Vote.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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