How Donald Trump is Helping Fund “The Lincoln Project”

Dump Trump

You will hear a great deal from “The Lincoln Project.” It is already flooding social media and television with anti-Trump ads. I’m sure most of you do not know who is involved in this effort to rid our nation of the disease which is one Donald John Trump. “The Lincoln Project” is not composed of the fake Republicans in the House or Senate, it is composed of long-time respected men and women who continue to cherish Republican principles.

“The Lincoln Project” was founded by Steve Schmidt and George Conway, among other Republicans who have worked in various Republican administrations. Founded in December of 2019, its sole purpose is to prevent a second term for Donald Trump.

Many of their ads are in reaction to a moronic statement or action from Donald Trump himself, his principal paid liar, Kayleigh McEnany, or other members of his circle sinners.

Everyone knows that Trump’s extremely poor ability to focus on anything for more than a minute or two prevents him from reading. He refuses to read the President’s Daily Brief, as proven by his ignorance concerning the “Afghan Bounty” plot against American soldiers. McEnany is paid for one thing, to lie for this illegitimate president, so this was her response.

Kayleigh McEnany told reporters last week “the president does read” and “is the most informed person on planet Earth when it comes to the threats we face.”


Seriously? “The most informed person on planet Earth?” He admits that he “watches Fox to learn everything he needs to know.” Fox has been confirmed as a fake-news network whose stories are more fiction than fact.

During the Lincoln Project’s first few months, nothing much took off. But then came the coronavirus outbreak, and the group released a pandemic-themed ad titled “Mourning in America,” playing on President Ronald Reagan’s famous 1984 re-election ad.

“Under the leadership of Donald Trump, our county is weaker and sicker and poorer,” the ad states. “And now, Americans are asking, ‘If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?'”

The president then called out members of the group individually, adding, “They’re all LOSERS, but Abe Lincoln, Republican, is all smiles!”

As they surmised, Trump had taken the bait. His attacks produced the results they predicted. Their viewership increased by more than 80 percent.

“”By attacking us, he’s become our biggest financial bundler,” Weaver said. “If we were an administration, we’d probably make him ambassador to Slovenia or something, because he’s raising so much money for us.”

Through the end of March, the group raised had about $2.6 million and spent a little less than $1.4 million. It had spent about $223,000 against Trump as of early May. The number had increased to more than $2 million as of late June.

Finally, there is now a second anti-Trump group founded by former members of George W. Bush’s administration, a Super PAC called “43 Alumni for Biden.”

These leaves Trump’s cult as his only remaining supporters, not counting his hypocritical party in Washington.

Op-ed by Jamed Turnage

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