Republicans Campaigning Against Trump

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You might remember that in 2016 many Republicans denounced Trump. Multiple right-wing pundits called him “unfit” and “immoral” among other more descriptive terms. Politicians including Moscow Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham led the “anybody but Trump” club: until the Electoral College gifted him the election. Then they all became typical hypocritical Republicans and bowed to their fuhrer.

As the 2020 election draws nearer, many Republicans are once again campaigning against Trump’s reelection. It began with George Will. Mr. Will is a lifelong Republican whose writing has been both critical and supportive of past Republican candidates for decades. This year he is asking his readers not to vote for Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump Protests

True Republicans who see Trump as the antithesis of the GOP have organized into groups including “43 Alumni for Biden,” composed of former members of George W. Bush’s administration and “The Lincoln Project.”

The Lincoln Project has been placing ads on television which are extremely critical of Trump’s failures. This group is focusing on Trump’s inability and choice not to lead our nation in a crisis.

It’s important to notice that these groups are very different than those who opposed Trump in 2016. They are better organized and better funded.

“I think it’s qualitatively different,” said Republican operative Tim Miller, who co-founded one of the main anti-Trump organizations. “A lot of people who opposed [Trump] did the whole, ‘Oh, Hillary’s also bad, and Trump’s bad, and everybody can vote their conscience’ kind of thing.”

Miller said that 2016’s effort was far more of a “pox on both your houses” phenomenon versus 2020’s “organized effort to defeat him”.

The biggest difference between 2016 and 2020 is simple. Trump’s record is under attack. Trump and his cult are the only Americans who believe that he has accomplished “great things.” Intelligent Americans who pay attention are aware that his only “accomplishments” have harmed America by adding trillions of dollars to the deficit and the loss of millions of jobs in the tourist industry based on racism, and agriculture because of a rash decision to enter into a trade war with China.

This election year has become a crushing blow to Trump’s hope for reelection, and he’s dragging down his cowardly party with him.

Coronavirus (2)

Trump is facing three major crises and continues to ignore them. Two days ago he renewed his claim that the coronavirus will “just go away.” He calls the protesters who are demanding law enforcement reform “thugs and leftist criminals.” Although he was first informed that Russian GRU agents were paying the Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in March of 2019, and the story was revealed in February, he calls it a “hoax” although the evidence is undeniable. Trump remains loyal to Vladimir Putin who has openly declared war on America twice: by interfering in our 2016 election, and now by encouraging the murder of America’s military forces.

Trump has chosen to become his own worst enemy. He is destroying any chance of winning a second term.

A president must lead. The bully in the White House is following orders from despots in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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