Okay, I now Believe that Trump’s Cult is both More Racist and More Ignorant than I Thought


Several attendees at Trump’s tiny Tulsa turnout were asked questions about racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement. First, I must inform you the 70 percent of all real Americans support their cause after the murder of George Floyd.

It’s the worldview that turns virtually anything Black Lives Matter protesters do into an example of violence, no matter what. One woman, there with her grandson, told Robert Klemko of the Washington Post that the protesters “were parading around fairly peacefully. Their speech wasn’t necessarily peaceful.”

Trump’s cult exists in a very narrow world. They spend hours each day in front of their televisions watching the right-wing propaganda machine, Fox News. This is all they know about the vast universe around them. Why would they have a clue about why the current protests have a component of anger?

This father may have taken the cake. Jeff Brown was outside the Trump rally selling flags such as “an Oklahoma flag with the Osage Nation buffalo-skin shield mashed up with the Confederate battle flag” or saying “Trump 2020: Make Liberals Cry Again.” His view of the Confederate flag? He used to think it represented slavery, but “I have since learned a lot of other variations of the history,” so “I think that it’s allowed for people to have their own interpretations from their family and their experience.” His 12-year-old son was with him, wearing a T-shirt saying “LGBT”—where the L was for the Statue of Liberty, the G was for guns, the B was for beer, and the T was for Trump. ”There’s no cure for stupid.”


The underlying fact behind all these statements by Trump’s cult is that they believe that “white supremacy is valid;” all whites are superior to all men and women of color.

The only reason for racism and bigotry is ignorance. The same is true for any American who believes that all representations of the Confederacy are not a celebration of slavery and an unwavering devotion to white supremacy.

Confederate Statue

When will the mainstream media; print, internet, radio, and television; cease their lies of omission? Not admitting that Trump is the leader of white supremacy in America is an insult to every black American in our nation and support for the beliefs of Donald Trump and his cult. Facts are facts. Every word and action from Trump and the Trump Klan has been supportive of white power and white supremacy.

Trump learned from his father that “blacks have no place in our society” as he refused to rent his New York apartments to black nurses, lawyers, businessmen, and other professionals.

Other parents interviewed and asked about racism and the BLM movement claimed that their intent was to allow the children to “make up their own minds” about issues of racism. This, while they were marching their children into an arena to listen to the honorary grand wizard of the KKK.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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