Are Part of Trump’s Supporters White, Domestic Terrorists?


Multiple Neo-Nazi groups have openly offered their support for Trump, including the KKK, the “Proud Boys,” and the “Boogaloo Bois.”

“Both the anti-quarantine protests that the far-right orchestrated in April and May and the recent civil unrest have accelerated the potential for more violence,” Daryl Johnson, a former Department of Homeland Security terrorism analyst, told Judy Thomas of the Associated Press. “I think it will pick up over the summer and especially into the fall as we head into the election.”

Since 2015 Trump has encouraged his cult to harbor anger, hatred, and commit acts of violence during his rallies and beyond. Bullies are cowards and cowards incite others to commit violence on their behalf, although they themselves lack the courage to commit their own crimes.

With Trump in the White House, hate crimes have increased dramatically across the United States, by more than 800 percent. False accusations by everyone from the resident in the White House to the right-wing propaganda machine, calling itself ‘Fox News’ that “radical liberals,” and the black men and women they support, were planning a violent takeover of our government.

Of course informed Americans scoff at these conspiracy theories aware that these falsehoods are spread by fascist hate groups masquerading as men and women who place “America First” and profess a form of “extreme nationalism.” Of course anyone who reads to learn the truth and refuses to watch television is aware that these are precepts preached by Donald John Trump.

Trump’s cult shares his dark and radical vision of America. They reject the progress made during the 60 years before Trump’s illegitimate presidency. They ignore the fact that pure whites are disappearing in America as our nation is quickly becoming the most diverse nation in the world.

Diversity (2)

Nations, like people, have two choices: to grow and move forward or to languish in the present which quickly becomes part of the past. These are Trump’s most devoted supporters.

Trump’s greatest failure is his choice not to or his inability to lead. His greatest crime is moving our nation into its dark past.

As I referred to earlier, these hate groups who strongly support Trump are under observation by the FBI. There is a growing fear that they will react violently to an expected defeat of Trump on November 3rd. At the very least, law enforcement assumes that they will attempt to intimidate minority voters while attempting to cast their ballots on voting day.

Sadly, you won’t hear any of this on television or from members of our government. They fear the reactions of the voting public when the truth is known. This will be a repeat of 2016 when congress prevented voters from learning that Russia was interfering in our election with the intent of electing Donald John Trump. Our government was aware of this fact one month before the election but refused to allow the American voter to learn the truth. These acts are unforgivable and the reason we must demand change in Washington. Both the repeal of the Electoral College and the establishment of term limits for congress must become a reality if our form of government is to function properly.

One word; one promise to save our nation: VOTE!

Op-ed by James Turnage


My eight novels, including “DOING THE RIGHT THING FOR GOD AND COUNTRY,” are available on Amazon’s free Kindle app



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