The Ultimate Decision about Trump’s Presidency in November will be an Honest Critique about his Failed Leadership

Baby Trump

Everyone is talking about how horribly Trump has failed to lead our nation in 2020. It’s true, he must receive a failing grade for his failure to lead the fight against Covid-19. He receives an “F” for his failure to listen to the demands of the black community to protect their Constitutional rights and force reform among law enforcement and within the entire justice system. Trump’s latest failure was to be honest and admit that he refused to read the President’s Daily Brief which exposed Russia’s creation of a “bounty system” with the Taliban for the lives of U.S. soldiers. He received his first information about this situation more than a year ago.

If we are honest, Trump has failed from day one. The important issues facing the incoming administration in 2017 continue to be ignored today.

Healthcare is the issue in America. Obamacare is flawed, and we all knew the truth, but instead of creating a plan to improve the Affordable Care Act, he seeks its repeal; removing healthcare from 24 million Americans. Another broken promise.

Healthcare (3)

The opioid crisis continues to be a major medical issue. The number of deaths related to opioid addiction is larger each year than the total of deaths in the Vietnam war, which lasted 20 years.


Sensible immigration reform has been ignored while Trump’s focus remains entirely on our southern border and his “wall.”

Border Wall

Every year our country loses some of its greatest minds for the sole reason that they cannot afford to attend a college or university. Higher education should be a right and not a privilege for the wealthy alone. Our nation needs great minds to move us forward in every area of business and social advancement.

Univ of ND

Women’s rights have virtually been ignored for 244 years. After the 2018 midterms, when a ‘pink wave’ flowed across America, I believed Trump would take some action. He did not.


Not a single word has come from this White House about the growth of income inequality, which is the greatest danger to our nation’s future. Trump continues to offer tax cuts to the wealthy and large corporations, adding more than one trillion dollars to the national debt each year.

capitalism-2 (1)

And as you would expect, Trump’s denial of scientific fact is allowing climate change to be the greatest danger to world peace.


A president leads; Trump is not my president.

Now for the sad but true part of this story.

When Trump has taken action, it is always a disaster. A travel ban on Muslims. Attacking liberals and failing to be a president for all Americans. Alienating our closest allies while praising Vladimir Putin constantly, and declaring admiration for Mohammad bin Salman, and Kim Jong-un. And the worse decision of all, placing additional tariffs on imported goods from China, which resulted in a trade war which continues today. This action resulted in the loss of 300,000 jobs.

The sad truth is that America is better off when Trump takes no action at all.

Let’s all help Trump and his hypocritical party retire. They don’t want to work for the American people, so let’s help them do what they want to do and have done; nothing.

Voting day is November 3rd.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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