A Probable “Blue Wave” in November Indicated by Fears of an Increase in the Corporate Tax Rate


Moscow Mitch McConnell has all but conceded that the Senate will return to the control of Democrats in 2021. Multiple senate races in red states are too close to call. Only three seats combined with a Joe Biden win would give control of both the executive branch and the legislative branch to the left side of the aisle.

“Market Watch” is reporting that: “Moreover, recent polling data suggests vulnerability for Republicans in AZ, CO, and IA,” the Height analysts said. GOP Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona is being challenged by Democrat Mark Kelly, while Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado will face off against former Democratic Gov. Jon Hickenlooper. In Iowa, GOP Sen. Joni Ernst is running against Democrat Theresa Greenfield.

In Kentucky, Moscow Mitch is in a virtual tie with Democrat Amy McGrath. Lindsey Graham has been losing ground consistently and is just three points ahead of Democratic challenger, Jaime Harrison. In some polls they are in a virtual tie. Both states were won by Trump easily in 2016. Times have changed.

Beginning in 2017 Republicans placed their hopes for reelection on the narrow shoulders of a man certain to be remembered as the worst illegitimate president in history, and are now paying for their hypocrisy. Nearly every Republican in Washington was a member of the “anybody but Trump” club in 2016 until the Electoral College gave the most unqualified man in history the presidency.


Prior to Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations in 2018, the average taxes paid by large corporations was 18 percent. Trump reduced the maximum corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. The result was revealed in 2019 when the largest corporations including Amazon and Walmart paid zero dollars in taxes.

Corporations are readying themselves for an increase if Biden wins and Democrats control the House and Senate. In other words, common sense will return to Washington. Democrats have proven time and time again that they are far better at governing America. Everyone experiences a better quality of life, not just the one percent.

Okay, now for your Wednesday chuckle. Moscow Mitch McConnell created the party of no, refused to allow Democrats any involvement into deliberations about new legislation, including the Republicans failed “healthcare” bill. McConnell has on his desk more than 350 bills passed by the House since January 3, 2017 and refuses to allow a vote in the senate. It is Moscow Mitch who is responsible for our dysfunctional government.

Trump and Moscow Mitch

Democrats are seeking reinstatement of the so called ‘filibuster’ which requires 60 of the 100 votes to pass legislation or confirm judges and other presidential nominees. In desperation, while expecting a loss in November, Moscow Mitch is added another lie to his repertoire claiming that a simple majority is “centrist.”

McConnell warns Democrats “ought to take a pause and think about whether they really think it’s a good idea for the country to put the one institution that guarantees that America stayed in the middle of the road into the same place as the House.” The term is sore loser, and that’s what all real Americans hope the worst senator in our nation’s history will be when the votes are counted on November 3rd.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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