Polls Reveal Donald Trump Will Experience a Historical Loss in November; Why?

Trump Lying

Trump has been impeached and should have been removed from office. He has admitted by his own actions that he is a pathological liar, lacks the mental acuity needed to lead our nation, he makes destructive and rash decisions, he does not believe in the principles of our founding fathers, and places his own ambitions ahead of the American people. If we discount all this, what has occurred since the beginning of 2020 offers the reasons why he will lose in November.

First, most Americans are aware that Trump failed to lead our nation in the fight against the coronavirus, aptly named ‘Covid-19.’ His decision to ignore the coming pandemic for more than two-and-one-half months cost tens of thousands of American lives.

Coronavirus (2)

Second, after the murder of George Floyd, and the protests began, Trump blamed the protesters for acts of violence, without knowing the facts. More importantly, he ignored the fact that 70 percent of all Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Americans have been fighting against racism in America since 1619.

Black Protests

Third, Most Americans believe that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. Trump is leading us backwards while the rest of all developed nations are adopting social programs to better the lives of their people.

Fourth, the economy is in decline, and was prior to the pandemic. Trump’s “great economy” is an illusion. His policies have cost millions of Americans good-paying jobs, and he has failed to create a single job which can be called ‘good-paying.’ The coronavirus has exacerbated the situation. Several corporations have announced that not all of their furloughed employees will be rehired.


Fifth, the support of Obamacare is at a record high while the Trump administration is actively petitioning the Supreme Court to invalidate the law while millions of Americans are suffering from Covid-19, and more than 122,000 have lost their lives. An estimated 24 million Americans could lose their healthcare.

Healthcare (2)

The truth is that Trump is self-destructing. Every inaction and every poor decision causes more harm to the people of our nation. He is not a leader and has failed to perform the job for which he was elected by the Electoral College.

Although there are many assumptions why the turnout in Tulsa, which was intended to be the beginning of his 2020 reelection campaign, can only be described as ‘pitiful.’ It was reminiscent of the poor attendance at his inauguration. The big question is “how many men and women are abandoning his cult?”

The largest percentage of loyal Trump supporters was once estimated at 40 percent. Anything less than that number guarantees the end of his illegitimate presidency.

Trump’s only hope for reelection is to reduce the number of voters who will cast their ballots on November 3rd. The coronavirus is creating a danger for voters and Trump is lying in an attempt to prevent voting by mail. Not a single claim about voter fraud when absentee ballots are cast has been confirmed. Trump admitted on tape that if vote by mail becomes a national policy, Republicans will never win another election.


A high voter turnout guarantees Democratic victories. Republicans are unpopular, and without efforts to suppress voter turnout, Trump is right for one of the few times in his life.

If there is a fair election in November, Trump will become the biggest loser in American history. The only question now is will he end his campaign as did Lyndon Johnson in 1968?

Op-ed by James Turnage


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