Is it Possible that Trump will Drop Out of the 2020 Campaign?


Trump is facing three crises and failing in all three areas. His base is deserting him as older, white Americans are pledging their loyalty to Joe Biden. His many, many lies are now being exposed. Trump has become the most unpopular man ever to claim the label of President of the United States. He is hated around the world and has lost respect from every American as he allows the leaders of our nation’s enemies to “play him.”

I have been reading several articles over the last few days claiming that the possibility exists that Trump will simply drop out of the 2020 campaign if his poll numbers continue to fall. Personally, I don’t see this as a possibility.

Terms including “malignant narcissist,” “egomaniac,” and “arrogant” accurately describe Donald John Trump. Although he constantly attacks the press, he begs for their attention. His rallies are not about issues, or serving America, they are designed for Trump. He desperately seeks praise from his cult. Not once has Trump accepted blame for his many failings, and resigning from his campaign would be a tremendous defeat, regardless of how he attempts to spin the facts.



However, one fact continues to affect my own analysis of DJT. Trump’s fear of losing is far greater than his love of winning. If today was voting day, Donny Boy would suffer an historic loss at the polling booths.

Nationally the polls have him losing by 14 points. Trump is behind in every ‘swing state.’ More revealing is the fact that he is tied or slightly ahead in many ‘red states.’ Trump leads in only one demographic; white, non-college educated men.

Finally, the two demographics which are of the greatest significance are women, and younger Americans. Women support Biden by 25 percentage points. Younger Americans favor Biden over Trump by 31 percent.

If Trump loved his country, he would resign. He is unfit to be our nation’s president.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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