With Abject Failure Facing his Future, What is Trump’s Little Brain Thinking Today?

Trump (2)

White House insiders report that Trump is convinced that his reelection is doomed. The polls are devastating, and his “huge event” in Tulsa was a disaster. Every decision or failure to make a decision in a timely manner since the beginning of this year appears to be a guarantee for a huge loss in November.

On Thursday evening Trump once again appeared on his most ardent ass kisser’s broadcast and appeared to accept defeat. Sean Hannity offered him a question which the bully expected and yet failed to answer coherently. It was a simple question asked of every incumbent president running for reelection. “What are your goals for your second term?”

Without an intelligible answer, he appeared to be a defeated old man without a future. He told Hannity that Joe Biden is “gonna be your president because some people don’t love me, maybe.”

Has the malignant narcissist finally realized that he is the most hated man in the world, and that no one other than his like-minded cult continues to support him? His need for constant attention from the legitimate press continues, but he is no longer praised or protected by the mainstream media. It began with his disastrous failure to lead our nation in the fight against the coronavirus in a timely manner. Studies confirm that at least 50,000 lives could have been saved if he took action in January. Although his administration continues with failed attempts to protect him, not one American with average intelligence can deny his unforgivable failure.

However, information from a former administration offical reveals another side of your egomaniacal and illegitimate president.

“The president has told me [on multiple occasions] that he is determined to not be a one-termer, and says that history forever remembers them as ‘losers,’” said a former senior Trump administration official. “A lot of it is about legacy for him and how he will be remembered. And if he loses, I don’t think he’ll take a defeat [at the hands of] Biden, of all possible people, lightly.”

Another individual familiar with the president’s private remarks said they recalled Trump making similar comments as far back as late 2018. Trump, the source said, specifically referenced former President Jimmy Carter as an example of a modern political “loser,” and how “you never want to be that guy,” the source said, paraphrasing Trump.

This confirms reports by mental healthcare professionals that although Trump loves “winning,” his greatest fear is losing. He is obsessive. His mental state is not involved with his desire to lead the people of America, but by personal ambition. He cannot accept another in a long list of failures.

I would like to be the devil’s advocate here. Those of us who are real Americans cannot allow ourselves to be complacent. Trump is headed for defeat, but this is not enough. The damage he has done to our nation’s people requires continuous effort until his hopes for a victory in November are crushed and an historic loss becomes his legacy. We must show no mercy. An historic voter turnout in November will secure his place in history.

Trump constantly spreads a lie that voting by mail will increase fraud. This is his greatest lie to date. Voting by mail requires far more security than going to the polls and casting your ballot on machines which have been ‘rigged’ in the past. Trump’s fear of losing is obvious. He is aware of the fact that a large voter turnout will seal his defeat. This is a fact proven by history. A large voter turnout guarantees a victory by Democrats.

The bottom line is that regardless of how difficult Republicans make voting a challenge, vote. We must not allow Trump any hope of being reelected. This man-child is unworthy and a danger to America’s future. We have the power to save America and we must use it.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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