Misinformation, Lies, Obstructing Justice, and Dividing America; these are the Goals of Fox News


The Daily Beast published an article today, titled: “It’s Time to Defund Fox News.” The article is well written, contains facts ignored by other legitimate news networks, and has reveals the fact that Fox has divided our nation for the last 34 years. I have been writing about this very fact for more than seven years. To call it a “news” network is a crime. Fox was designed by owner Rupert Murdoch and President of the “news” division, Roger Ailes, to be a propaganda machine for the extremists on the right side of the aisle.

Fox is guilty of treason in every sense of the word. It’s goal, beginning in 1986, was to divide our nation’s people, and prevent justice for anyone who opposes the right-wing agenda with blatant lies, conspiracy theories, and misinformation. Their goal has been and continues to be the end of the America of our founding fathers. In my mind, that’s treason.

In the attached article, Diane McWhorter suggests that if corporate America has any intention of maintaining a positive relationship with the American people, the men and women who purchase their goods, they must part with Fox. Since March, Fox has supported Trump although he is responsible for as many as 50,000 lives lost from Covid-19. His failure to act in January delayed efforts to slow the spread of the pandemic. Today our nation leads the world in number of cases and deaths by a wide margin.

After the murder of George Floyd, Fox once again supported Trump’s attacks on the protesters, although polls show that 70 percent of all Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement. He remains on the wrong side of public opinion, and Fox is standing by him.

When Murdoch created Fox, his goal was profit. Sensationalism sells advertising. The truth is of no importance; viewership is the only goal. A legitimate news agency does not offer opinions, only facts. The people must be allowed to make their own decisions. Fox brainwashes its viewers with falsehoods and conspiracy theories. They are traitors to the future of America and the welfare of the working class. Like the GOP, Fox serves the super-rich, not the American people.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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