Congress Remains Determined to Destroy Social Security

FDR (2)

In the 244 years of our nation’s history only a single law, a single provision which serves the American people, was created and passed by congress.

The Social Security Act was enacted on August 14, 1935. The “people’s president,” Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fought for a retirement plan which would affect all American workers and protect their futures when they reached retirement age or were no longer able to work.

The plan was perfect. With the exception of the Social Security Administration, the agency assigned to administer the program, there would be no financial participation by the federal government.

Funding would come from contributions deducted from employee’s paychecks and equal contributions from employers. Working men and women would begin receiving benefits at age 65 based based on the joint contributions from employers and employees.

Today Social Security recipients can receive early benefits at age 62, and full benefits at age 66. Early beneficiaries receive a lesser monthly benefit. The system proved to be perfect. To this day there is no record of a single beneficiary receiving an amount equal to the contributions they contributed over their working life.

Statistics composed by government employees claim that Social Security is “going broke.” I demand to know how this is possible. Facts prove that there should be a surplus. Which members of congress, which presidents approved a diversion of Social Security funds for other projects? It is impossible that Social Security is in jeopardy if many forms of corruption were not involved, including embezzlement.

My wife and I would be homeless today without Social Security. This is our only income. I worked for 48 years and contributed to Social Security for every one of those years. My wife worked for 54 years.

Social Security is not an “entitlement,” we and our employers paid for our retirement.


Congress is willing to fund our military for nearly one-trillion dollars although the brass wastes 50 cents out of every dollar they receive. The truth is most of their training and equipment are obsolete in the 21st century. Why are the American people required to pay for wars created by our government?

When will America join the rest of developed nations and place our nation’s people in priority number one? We are their “ugly stepchildren” who are expected to serve the wealthy without participating in the fact that the United States is the wealthiest nation in the world.

Demand that our elected officials stop lying to you. Where is the money we contributed to Social Security over a lifetime of hard work?

Congress is overpaid. The base pay of 100 senators and 435 member of the House of Representatives is $174,000 per year. Additional pay is given to chairmen of committees, majority and minority leaders, and other positions. Add to this the best healthcare and retirement benefits money can buy and you might understand why every member of congress who serves two or more terms is now a millionaire. Graft and corruption are rampant in Washington.

Is this where our Social Security money has disappeared? Congress votes for its own pay raises. Can we trust them? Hell no.

Term limits for congress are mandatory, and the truth is that your government has been stealing money which belongs to you. Someone needs to investigate this fraud.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of Paul Simpson

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