Need a Laugh on this Saturday in June? Here it is; the Internet has been Laughing all Day

Ivanka (2)

By now most informed Americans are aware that Ivanka Trump is as ridiculous and as much of a farce as her father. She pretends to be more sophisticated and aware; unlike her egomaniacal father; but she is equally poorly educated and self-serving. She is nothing more than a member of the Trump Klan; a white trash family with money.

These facts did not prevent DJT from giving her a job; a job for which she is totally unqualified.

Before I offer the new, facetious “plan” from Trump, let’s offer the facts which are undeniable after the events of the last few years.

In Trump’s administration not a single man or woman currently employed is qualified for their position. During his campaign, Trump promised that he would select the “best people, I know the best people” for his cabinet and other advisory staff. The truth is he selected the worst in our nation. Not one of his nominees and appointees had experience or knowledge of the departments they would lead.

Today he announced a “skills based hiring initiative,” and placed his daughter, a New York socialite who has never worked a day in her life and is totally unqualified to serve in the West Wing, in control of the program.

Trump and Ivanka

In a video promoting the initiative, Ivanka Trump claimed that her father was going to “overhaul the way the federal government hires,” and said that the president wants to “fill federal job vacancies based on people having the skill, the passion, the drive, the competency to do the job, not purely based on outdated career or licensing requirements.”

Translated, this proves that once again Trump will ignore qualifications and experience, and place men and women in positions who will answer a single question on their application which will please your illegitimate president. That question is twofold: “Will you lie for the president and offer him unrestricted loyalty even if it violates the Constitution of the United States?”

Trump, the Trump Klan, the Trump Cult, and the Trump Party cannot exist when the truth is told.

Ivanka is no better than Eric with the exception of the fact that she spends 100 times more on hair care, make-up, and designer clothing. Her credibility was lost before the election when she failed to address the fact that her father is a self-admitted sexual predator: a man without a moral compass. Although the records have been sealed, her mother charged her father with physical assault and rape while they were going thru a nasty divorce. Ivanka refused to defend her mother. This alone demands many answers to many questions.

It is extremely difficult to refer to the Trump Klan as the “First Family.” If the soon to be released book by Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, contains factual information, the Trump Klan is separated by mistrust and extreme ‘dislike.’

I have frequently referred to the Trump Klan as “white trash with money;” this is no longer a personal statement, it has been proven many times over the last three and one-half years.

Let’s look at the facts. Daughter Ivanka owns sweat shops in China. Sons Donny Jr. and Eric murder endangered animals. His third wife, Melania is not legally a citizen and abandoned her dignity when she ignored the facts that her husband is a sexual deviant. This is your “first family,” not mine.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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