Lindsey Graham is Kissing White Supremacy Ass in a Desperate Effort to Win Reelection


There are many trite “old sayings,” and “the handwritng on the wall” is one of them. However, every so often even the worst apply, and today is one of them.

Today’s Republican Party in name only became hypocrites in 2017. They continue to support Trump’s unconstitutional and anti-American actions. I’m positive most of them dislike and even detest the bully in the White House, but their actions over the last three-and-one-half years offer only a single hope for reelection; receiving support from Trump’s cult. That hope is fading fast and many Representatives and Senators on the right side of the aisle are literally “peeing their pants;” fearing that their future is in jeopardy. The truth is they do not deserve to be in our government; they serve the one-percent, not the American people.

Lindsey Graham is one of those fake Republicans who is quickly beginning to realize that on January 3, 2021, he may be sitting home in South Carolina sipping a mint julip and not being sworn in for another six-year term on the steps of our nation’s Capitol.

Graham is so desperate to align himself with Trump, he has taken the side of white supremacists in the discussion of monuments to Confederate leaders. Appearing on the right-wing propaganda machine, he made up lies about the 70 percent of Americans who support their removal.

Confederate Statue

Let’s be totally clear and keep the discussion simple before I offer Graham’s fallacious and ridiculous remarks.

There is no issue. These monuments to men who sought the destruction of the Union with the primary purpose of keeping their “right” to slavery intact are an affront to every black person in America and should be to every white man and woman. In every sense of the term, they were traitors to the United States of America, and they are undeserving of being remembered for that fact.

Now here is the ridiculous statement from Graham.

Claiming that all black men and women are terrorists, he said this on Fox. “We’re at war with them politically,” he declared Friday on “Fox & Friends.” “. . . The people doing this hate our country. They hate the way we were founded. They hate capitalism. They have no respect for religion. They have no respect for diversity of thought.”

“These people are the most radical people known to America . . . They want to destroy America,” Graham claimed, defending traitors who killed hundreds of thousands of Americans so they could keep enslaving human beings. “They hate America, and every symbol of our country, from our flag to a statue. They hate. They want to turn us into a socialist nation. They want to destroy the family unit as we know it.”

These lies and attempts to misrepresent the facts may have ended his hope for reelection.

Six years ago Graham won by 16 points. Today, June 28, 2020, Graham and Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison are tied in the polls. This is interesting because of the fact that Mr. Harrison is a black American.

“There is not a more successful political strategy in the history of American politics than the southern strategy: this ideal of pitting poor whites against African-Americans and trivializing politics. When Trump says he’s going to give you back your country, he’s playing to that racial animosity and fear,” Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher told The Washington Post. “What’s different today? What’s different today is the upward of 70% of Americans think racism is a problem in this country.”

Trump won South Carolina by 10 points in 2016, but this is 2020: after three and one-half years of Trump’s oppressive and immoral regime.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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