Like Nero, Trump Plays with his Toys while his “Empire Burns”

Trump Golfing

On Friday Trump canceled his planned trip to Bedminster, New Jersey. He was anxious to play with his toys as he chased a little white ball through the grass. He said that it was more important to stay in the White House and “protect law and order.”

He didn’t go to New Jersey, but he did go to his club in Virginia and on Saturday played with his toys while our nation remains in turmoil and fear.

Protests which began after the murder of George Floyd continue, and the coronavirus is surging in every state with the exceptions of Rhode Island and Connecticut. Once again, the White House is void of leadership.

I was watching “Morning Joe” with host Joe Scarborough a couple of days ago. Mr. Scarborough is a former Republican Representative from Florida’s 1st District for two terms. He is also a critic of the current administration, after once having been “friendly” with Donald Trump years ago. He offered an opinion I believe we all must consider. Trump’s choice not to lead in the fight against the coronavirus and speak honestly about protests all over America raised a question for Mr.Scarborough and many others. “Does Trump want to be reelected?”

The facts: his poll numbers are nosediving. He is losing the support of most real Republicans like Joe Scarborough. Trump has no plan for our nation’s recovery. The minimal crowd in Tulsa on the day he ‘began his reelection campaign,’ appears to display a diminishing support from the members of his cult.


Trump said during the 2016 campaign: “Golf? I won’t have time for golf. I’ll be making too many great deals. You’ll be so tired of winning you will all say ‘stop.’” Really?

Saturday Trump played golf for the 271st time in three-and-one-half years. That’s one every 4.6 days. In contrast, President Obama played 333 rounds of golf in eight years.

Trump obese golf

Trump has often and justifiably been criticized for spending most of his time in office golfing, partying at Mar-a-Lago, and watching television. His daily schedule, when he is in the White House frequently begins at eleven in the morning and ends before 3:30 in the afternoon. This was expected from a man whose entire family has never worked an eight-hour day in their lives. The Trump Klan is a family composed of New York socialites. “Work” is not a word in their vocabulary. A footnote: President Obama averaged a 14-hour day throughout his presidency.

Finally the truth: Trump first learned of a possible health emergency at the end of 2019 which was included in the President’s Daily Brief. In January, when the coronavirus began to spread from China to other nations, he told us “it will go away,” and “we are better prepared than other nations.” Finally, he said: “when April comes it will go away with the warmer temperatures.”

Today, America leads the world in cases and deaths by a very wide margin. As of Saturday, June 27, 2020, 2,459,472 Americans have been infected, and 124,976 have died; and both of these numbers are spiking once again, especially in Texas and Florida. Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis refuses to order his state’s citizens to wear protective masks, although his state has become the epicenter of Covid-19.

Coronavirus (2)

All the while, Trump and Pence continue to lie to the American people and claim that they have “flattened the curve.”

Do us a favor Donny Boy; resign and keep hitting that little white ball. The American people are better off without you infesting our White House. The very definition of “failing” is doing “nothing.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the White House

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