Sean Hannity’s Ass Kissing must be Compared to Jack Benny’s ‘Rochester’


Okay, lets begin with the truth about my title. If you are under 55. I guarantee that you have no idea who Jack Benny or Rochester were. I’m not going to try and explain them, I’ll just tell you that Jack Benny was a legendary comedian, and Rochester was his ‘man servant.’

The “Jack Benny Program” aired from 1950 until 1965. Eddie Anderson was Rochester. His role not only served Benny’s every need, he praised him to satisfy his massive ego. Benny was the ultimate “insecure comic” on screen. Anderson’s role became more “tongue in cheek” as the show developed in later years.


This same situation appears to be the embarrassing relationship between Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Trump has been experiencing a horrific 2020; the result of his own failures and incompetence to lead our nation. When he needs an ally, someone who will literally “suck up to him,” and is willing to kiss his humongous ass while abandoning any semblance of integrity or self respect, he turns to Hannity.

Fact: Hannity is paid 25 million dollars each year by the right wing propaganda machine to be Trump’s “go to guy.” Regardless of how unconstitutional or disgusting Trump might react to the truth, Hannity will always be his last line of defense.

The fact is that Trump is flailing in a sea of excrement. Between his failure to take the coronavirus seriously, which cost at least 50,000 men and women to lose their lives unnecessarily, to his refusal to support protests demanding an end to ‘murder by cop’ of black Americans, his poll numbers are diving, and his November opponent is crushing him in every important state and the overall opinions of most voters.

It was no surprise when Trump appeared on Hannity’s pitiful broadcast on Thursday, to talk about the border wall and Barack Obama’s “treason” and the deep state.

It doesn’t matter that not a single claim by your illegitimate president had a shred of truth, it offered the malignant narcissist an opportunity to release his anal glands and not s**t his pants from night terrors.

The vast majority of Americans are convinced that Trump’s illegitimate presidency is a greater disaster than anyone expected. His inability to lead in a crisis, combined with his support of white supremacy proves that he is totally unfit to claim the title of President of the United States.

The greatest mistake ever made by the American people was to allow a man without morals, love for his country, or the qualifications to lead a nation of 330 million people to become our nation’s illegitimate president. Allowing a victory in the unconstitutional Electoral College is tantamount to waving the white flag and surrendering our nation to fascism.

Throughout my life I watched the ‘ups and downs’ of America which resulted from the successes and failures of our government. During my interest in government, beginning in 1956, I learned that all presidents make mistakes; some of them honestly and some to achieve personal ambitions. Most who failed loved their country but proved that they were incompetent. Even Richard Nixon, who would undoubtedly been impeached and removed from office, accomplished great things for our nation; among them creating a relationship with China and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. But Trump is very “different.”


My research proved that before the 2016 election, Trump was not an American. He does not love his country, he loves what his country has allowed him to accomplish for his personal advancement.

I have men and women, who are now ‘former friends’ who continue to support Trump. I am unable to understand this unless they have chosen to be ignorant or I never knew who they really are. No real American can support an illegitimate president who is mentally challenged; a white supremacist; a self admitted sexual predator; or a schoolyard bully who lacks the ability to lead our nation. His failures are many and his accomplishments are nil.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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