Tim Scott’s Bill is a Sham; Real Law Enforcement Reform must be Serious; the Time is Now


Here are some of the right-wing headlines; all designed to protect law enforcement.

“Liz Peek: Democrats’ obstruction of GOP police reformutterly cynical and inexcusable” Fox News

“The No Debate Democrats” Wall Street Journal

“Democrats’ Shameful vote against Tim Scott’s police reform bill” the Washington Post

Here’s the real story.


For the past eleven years Republicans have sought to pass their own legislation without deliberation and compromise. Without honest bipartisan discussion important and reformative legislation never becomes law.

This is what happened with Tim Scott’s “police reform bill” on Thursday.

Democrats are insisting that Senate Democrats and Representatives be a part of the process before a vote happens in the senate. Republicans have a history of ramming through weak and ineffective legislation like Trumpcare, and this appears to be another effort to protect law enforcement and deny the rights of black Americans by the right-wing racist party which calls itself “Republicans.”

“While Democrats’ wide-ranging bill, the Justice in Policing Act, addresses a national use of force standard and a raft of legal protections police currently have, Republicans’ Justice Act focuses more on data collection and training protocols. Both would incentivize state and local police departments to ban chokeholds, though Democrats’ legislation includes a federal ban as well.”

The question is, “will Republicans deliberate in good faith?” If they do, it will be the first time in 11+ years. And in typical Republican dictatorial fashion, Scott announced that any change to his bill is a “poison pill.” Hypocrites one and all on the right side of the aisle. Dump Trump and the Trump Party if you love your country.


This is not a time to play games with any form of justice reform. Until our government becomes serious the protests will continue and there will be no peace, no atmosphere of cooperation between black Americans and law enforcement. There will be no more “band-aids” when black men and women are murdered by members of law enforcement. 244 years is long enough to wait. A bloody revolution will spread quickly across America forcing the American people to take sides. This will be a brutal battle between fascist law enforcement and Americans standing up for their Constitutional rights.

I am not a man who hates, or believes that violence is ever the answer to serious problems. However, it is very hard not to totally despise all of the men and women who call themselves “Republicans.” They are clowns incapable of serious and effective negotiations which lead to good laws. The truth is that the once Grand Old Party is non-existent; it has morphed into the Trump Party, and that is a travesty. The principles and patriotism of Republicans past exists in only one man in Washington today, Mitt Romney. The rest are cowards and hypocrites who bow to Moscow Mitch and Trump.


Every American must know and damn the fact that Moscow Mitch McConnell created the “party of no” in 2009. His party has done nothing positive for our nation during the last 11 years. They have decided to joint extremists who have promised their billionaire benefactors to never deliberate or compromise with the left side of the aisle. They kept that promise.


Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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