Flynn, Stone, and now Cohen; How many more Crimes must Barr Commit to be Forced from Office?


William Barr used his position as the Attorney General to have all charges dismissed against Michael Flynn, Trump’s first choice for national security adviser, although he confessed to two counts of lying to the FBI about his acts of treason. Barr used his position as the Attorney General to reduce punishment for another Trump ally, Roger Stone. Barr used his position as Attorney General in efforts to ‘undermine’ the conviction of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney. These are all impeachable offenses. Barr is prohibited from being Trump’s personal consigliere. The fact is that although the position of Attorney General is nominated by the current president, he or she must be independent in the performance of his or her duties.

Barr is not a very bright man. He is attempting to claim that his actions are not troubling; that their is no “pattern.”

Meanwhile, in an NPR interview published Thursday, Barr scoffed at the notion he has been promoting Trump’s agenda at the expense of the rule of law, calling it a “media narrative” and saying there is “no such pattern.” He went on the defensive in the interview multiple times.

Let’s talk about the truth. Not a single member of Trump’s cabinet or one of his closest advisers is qualified for their positions. Mike Pompeo, current Secretary of State, has been laughed at by several countries for his inability to negotiate in good faith. Although he is America’s leading diplomat, he lacks any skills at diplomacy. Betsy DeVos is a billionaire religious extremist who is attempting to destroy America’s public education system. Wilbur Ross is a close associate of Vladimir Putin who once headed the Bank of Cypress, in the control of the Russian president. The list goes on.

The worst is surely Barr. He has used the Justice Department to protect Trump, and not the Constitution of the United States of America.

Democrats must take action. We cannot allow fascists to destroy everything created by our founding fathers. 44 previous presidents had only one thing in common. Although they may have harbored different beliefs about the direction of our nation and how to achieve their goals, they loved their country. This is not true today.

Trump’s choices for the men with which he surrounds himself are nothing more that puppets. They are not allowed to have independent thought, they must agree with their fuhrer about everything. This is opposed to every principle of American life.

I love my country. For me it is a colorful, fascinating, and compassionate mixture of the most diverse people imaginable. I see the changes over the last century as progress, although it may happen far too slowly. Ours is the youngest nation in the developed world, and the most interesting. For a “mish mosh” of people who originated from every corner of the world we are more beautiful mix of ideas and dreams than any nation in the world.

We are not Trump, or Trump’s cult. We are better than that.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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