At the Current Rate, Three States will have more Covid-19 Cases than any other Country

Coronavirus (2)

Three states in our nation are experiencing an enormous surge in cases of Covid-19; California, Texas, and Florida. I and every man and woman who trusts science more than one man who is poorly educated, and denies scientific fact, believed that opening up American businesses too soon was a road map to disaster.

On Tuesday 34,720 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in the U.S. Texas reported 5,551 cases on Wednesday, breaking the previous record of 5,489 set the day before, health authorities said. California reported 7,149 new cases. Florida reported that 5,511 new cases were confirmed. These three states compose 27.4 percent of America’s 328 million people.

At the core of this new crisis is Donald John Trump. He alone stood in front of the television cameras and told his supporters that the economy is more important than the lives of their parents and grandparents. He tells them, “don’t wear masks,” and “it will go away.” Those who attended his pitiful rally in Tulsa had to promise not to wear a mask in the arena. At least eight of his campaign staff tested positive for Covid-19.


There are many, many reasons why Trump should be removed from office. However a single issue is more than enough to demand his resignation. Trump is incapable and unwilling to lead a nation of nearly 330 million people. In January, when the WHO, the CDC, and our nation’s security agencies were warning Trump about a probable health emergency coming to America, he said, “it won’t affect us, we are prepared.” After the first few cases arrived, he said, “it will go away.” Two-and-one-half months later he was forced to face reality. America leads the world in number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

After the murder of George Floyd, and protests began across our nation and around the world, Trump refused to act like all 44 of his predecessors and stand before the American people and promise to seek justice and reform where needed. Instead he supported racist law enforcement officers. His latest crime against every black man, woman, and child is to protect statues of men whose only ambition was to destroy the Union and protect their “right” to own slaves.

Confederate Statue

I am sick of hearing racist people and networks like Fox News saying “all lives matter.” Of course they do, but Black Lives Matter is a movement. If our federal government and authorities in our cities and states would do their jobs and support the Constitutional rights of all Americans, it wouldn’t be needed.

Trump continues to discount the danger of this pandemic. He has no concern for the American people, and more importantly the welfare of his largest number of supporters, old, white, uneducated men. Trump cares about Trump.

Finally, if it wouldn’t have been for governors in many states taking timely and decisive action this health emergency would have been far worse. Instead of doing his job, and leading the fight against Covid-19, he criticized these governors for caring about the people of their states.

Trump is a disgrace to the 44 men who preceded him, and many of them failed badly in their tenure as America’s president.

By the way, a little bit of knowledge for your poorly educated president; the name Covid-19 signifies that this coronavirus began in 2019. Now he is twice as smart as before.

Op-Ed by James Turnage


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