Michael Flynn; an American Criminal with Powerful Friends


Anyone who knows anything about the American justice system, and is honest, will tell you that there are two completely different forms of justice. One is for you and me, and the other is for the rich and powerful.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, was convicted on two charges of lying to the FBI. He admitted under oath that he lied about his involvement with Russia while employed by the federal government. Today, a judge from the Appellate Court ordered that the charges be dismissed. I can’t make this shit up.

The truth is that fake Attorney General, William Barr, interfered in the case in a desperate effort to protect Flynn. Obstruction of justice once again. Barr has earned impeachment. He is not doing his job, he is Trump’s errand boy.

Flynn 2

My question is obvious. What message did Flynn send to Trump demanding his release? What information does he have which would end Trump’s reign of terror? And, of course, why are the rich and powerful given preference over ordinary people in a court of law?

To add to the controversy, the deciding judge on the Appellate Court was appointed by Trump. Naomi Rao was reported to appear conflicted, but made her decision in favor of William Barr’s “request.”

Someone with insider knowledge offered the following opinion.

“Rao’s opinion makes no attempt to defend Flynn’s argument. Rather, her order is entirely about preventing DOJ—Bill Barr—from the embarrassment of being forced to explain his decision.”

This is not justice; this is a right-wing travesty. Moscow Mitch has packed federal courts with judges who will serve the demands of right-wing extremists and ignore the law. This is what we will face for years to come and why Moscow Mitch must be removed from the senate. He is the worst thing to happen to congress in America’s history.


We can change everything that is wrong in America on one day. Please, do yourself a favor and vote on November 3rd.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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