Trump has Become America’s “Karen”


What is the “urban” definition of a “Karen?” This person can be a man or a woman who is so self-centered everything is about them. They are unable to take any criticism; blaming everyone else for their mistakes. A ‘feeling of superiority’ dominates their aura. “Karens” are always right; everyone else is wrong. I have just described your mentally deficient and illegitimate president: I can’t believe that Trump is America’s “Karen,” but it all fits perfectly.

He is a classic “Karen.” Any minor disagreement with Trump results in a fit of rage. He lies to cover up his many faults and violations of the Constitution. It has been confirmed that Trump’s attention span lasts less than two minutes, unless it’s about him. He brags constantly about how smart, he is and how ‘big his brain is,’ although he constantly reveals the fact that he is poorly educated and knows nothing about anything.


“Karens” lie constantly in a vain attempt to hide their many failures. For example: Trump claims that he has created millions of jobs. I don’t know where these jobs are, but I can tell you how many jobs have been lost because of his backwards policies.

Early in 2017 when Trump attempted to ban all Muslims from entering America, every company involved in the tourist industry experienced cancellations. Airlines, hotels, rental car agencies, theme parks; literally every industry involved in tourism suffered. The estimation is that four million jobs were lost.

Also in 2017, Trump ended President Obama’s efforts to expand green energy across America. Trump canceled every program. The result was the loss of more than 9,800 good paying jobs in the industry in the first year of Trump’s reign of terror.

solar panels

The labor department estimates that Trump’s ill-advised tariffs, which resulted in a trade war with China, has cost 300,000 jobs in the United States today.

His failure to act in a timely manner to fight Covid-19 resulted in an unnecessary loss of 50,000 lives, and cost millions of Americans their jobs. Many of these losses are permanent: multiple heads of corporations have announced that they will no longer need thousands of their former employees.

Trump is a failed businessman, and now his policies have added trillions of dollars to the national debt.

Being a “Karen” describes the worst of America. If you are a “Karen,” no one likes you: you have become the butt of thousands of jokes. This IS Donald John Trump.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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