‘Christian Nationalists’ Support Trump; not true Christians

Trump (2)

If anyone believes that Trump is a Christian, although I am an agnostic, I must be the Pope. His only god is money. The pastor of the Church Trump claims to be his own, has never seen him inside of his place of worship.

Trump’s lies, hatred for other men and women, his greed, numerous Constitutional violations, many accusations of sexual assault, affairs, admission that he is a sexual predator, none of this has been offensive enough for “evangelicals” to desert him. Why? I’m glad I asked.

Trump’s religious supporters are not Christians, they are “Christian Nationalists.” They use the title of ‘Christian,’ but are in fact a political organization. Here’s are their goals, and what they actually believe.


They fallaciously claim that the Bible:

opposes public assistance to the poor as a matter of principle—unless the money passes through church coffers;

opposes environmentalism and, as a matter of theology, denies the science that human contributions to greenhouse gases causes global warning;

opposes gun regulation;

supports strong national borders;

favors the privatization of schools;

favors a gender hierarchy in both the home and church, with women being submissive to men;

favors the use of corporal punishment when disciplining children;

favors government deregulation of business and minimal workers rights; and

favors capitalism and property rights.

In other words, this group of fake Christians is a lobby supporting the platform of the Republican Party, not the needs and wishes of real Americans; the working class.

Trump as Hitler

Christian Nationalists are a for profit group. They can be listed among other special interests, including the oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, the NRA, and other large corporations owned by billionaires.

This group is one of many who helped Trump win the Electoral College in 2016. Their agenda is not to promote God’s love, and a path to the afterlife, they seek riches and power. More proof they are a wing of the GOP.

You may remember this line: “America is not a country, it’s a business.” For right-wing politicians, and those who support them, this is an apt description of today’s United States. Capitalism has run amok, and income inequality is destroying democracy in America.

The people have only a single weapon against the one percent who control 90 percent of our nation’s wealth; our vote. We can choose who runs our country and who they will support. Republicans and their fuhrer do not work for you; they obey the demands of the one percent.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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