How much or how Little Congress “Works” for You


Most Americans believe that congress is lazy and unwilling to work once elected. They would be mostly correct.

The average working man or woman in the United States spends 260 days each year on the job. The average annual income of all classes of working men and women is $89,930.70.

Congress spends an average of approximately 145 days in the Capitol each year, and their base salary is $174,000 per year: nearly twice that of the average working American. This does not include added pay for committee “work,” or pay for chairing those committees. It does not include additional pay for majority and minority leader positions, or for the Speaker of the House. It does not include benefits, the best taxpayer money can buy. But they don’t want you to have healthcare. That’s another subject for later.

Capitol Rotunda

Do you understand why the most disreputable job in the world is “professional politician,” and why term limits are mandatory?

This brings me to my point. Do not hope for a second stimulus check until August at the earliest. Although the House passed a second bill in May, Trump has allowed it to gather dust on his desk along with more than 350 other bills.

Congress is taking another vacation soon. If it doesn’t happen before that time, it will not until late September. No business will be conducted while they are spending your money. They are not concerned that at least 40 million Americans are desperate thanks to Trump’s economic failures and the added monetary pain resulting from the current pandemic. ‘The people can wait; we need to party.’

Inside the Capitol

If the “party of no,” calling themselves Republicans, are removed from Washington our government can be functional once again.Trump’s protectors have failed the people for the last 40 years, beginning with Ronald Reagan’s administration. The working class are the great majority; this country belongs to us, and we must elect women and men who will serve our needs and our wishes. The one-percent has been in control of America for far too long. Capitalism is at the root and we can change that.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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