Trump Klan, QAnon, Low Intelligence, Lies, Failure, and Losers

Neo-Nazi rally

Nothing about Trump’s administration, his strange family, his party, which has abandoned the principles of the GOP, and his cult is normal.

No one can deny that any American near my age has ever witnessed anything like this before. Although our government is far from perfect, it struggled through scandals and even political disasters and survived. However, today our government is entirely dysfunctional. The truth is this situation is intentional. In 2009 Moscow Mitch promised the American people that his party, the former Republican Party, would do nothing as long as a black man was in the White House. Moscow Mitch has extended this promise today. More than 350 bills passed by the House remain on his desk. He has refused to allow a vote on one of them since January 2017.

Trump and Moscow Mitch

No one hates conspiracy theories more than I do. Trump and his circle of sinners promote them constantly in an effort to cover-up their mistakes and criminal actions.

However, there is a conspiracy in Washington today. It involves the fact that the truth will destroy Trump and everyone associated with him. The atmosphere of lies and misdirection is lethal. Republicans are complicit with Trump’s efforts to destroy democracy and replace our freedoms with fascism.

Trump is not an intelligent man. He is incapable of making intelligent and rational decisions. His instability is a danger to our nation and the world, and a great asset to Putin who constantly plays him for the fool he is.

The truth. Trump first met Vladimir Putin in 1987 in Moscow. He was invited by the KGB to attend secret meetings. Because Putin was a high-ranking member of the KGB during that time, it is impossible that the two men did not meet and had one or many conversations. Putin’s goal was then and remains the destruction of the United States of America.

We do not know what form of communication might have existed between the two men after their first recorded meeting, but we do know that in 2005 Trump took the ‘Miss Universe Pageant’ to Moscow for the first time. Secrecy in the former Soviet Union prevented the exposure of what surely had been meetings between the two men once again. However, we do know that when Trump returned to New York his flailing real estate business began to flourish.

Trump took the ‘Miss Universe Pageant’ to Moscow once again in 2013. the dossier composed by former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele revealed the beginnings of collusion between the two men to place an agent in the highest level of our nation’s government; the presidency. The dossier has never been proven false by any American security agency.


The truth; another fact you will never hear from the failed fourth estate. Every proposal, every action taken by Trump in his three years and five months has favored Russia and harmed the United States. Fact check me and you will become as worried as I am about our nation’s future.

Trump is a traitor; a tool which serves Vladimir Putin.

Save your country. Vote on November 3rd. Between now and then, learn the truth. The information is available from multiple sources. Do your job as a loyal citizen of the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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