All Trump Party Senators Choose to Allow Their Master to Destroy Democracy in America; the Word is ‘Treason’


Only one Republican remains in all of Washington D.C.; Mitt Romney. The remainder of Republican Congressmen and Senators have defected to the ‘Trump Party.’ They surrendered their dignity, integrity, respect, and ability to think for themselves to the man who wants to destroy democracy in America and become our nation’s first monarch. Moscow Mitch and his cronies have destroyed the “check and balance system” created by our founding fathers.

The senate, currently under the terrorist control of Moscow Mitch McConnell, allowed a man who was impeached for cause, after undeniable evidence was revealed in the House, chose to capitulate to the demand of a convict to remain in office. The sham trial was in itself a violation of the Constitution. A ‘fair trial’ can only exist with witnesses and the introduction of new evidence.

It does not matter to 52 of the 53 men and women who only claim to be Republicans in the senate, that Trump continues to abuse his powers, obstruct justice, and conspire with leaders of foreign nations.

Whether you believe the tales in former national security adviser John Bolton’s book or not, the number of ‘tell-all’ books written in the past three years all contain similar allegations. Who’s lying? Are they the men and and women who wrote the books or a man who never tells the truth, Donald John Trump?

Asked whether Senate Republicans should have sought to secure Bolton’s testimony now that his book is out, the ever-reflective Sen. Ron Johnson responded, “No,” adding, “We never should have had an impeachment trial.”

Trump and Moscow Mitch

Johnson is clearly stating that Trump should not have been given his Constitutional rights, nor should the American people. A trial is mandatory, not a choice, once a sitting president has been impeached.

As an Independent I am embarrassed by these pretenders. These men and women have no resemblance to the candidates I voted for in my youth. Even Richard Nixon is rolling over in his grave as these buffoons ignore their duty and ignore the Law of the Land. At least he loved his country.


We all must vote on November 3rd. Trump, Pence, and every other “Republican” up for reelection must be removed from Washington: it’s the right thing to do to save America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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