Trump was Born into the Wrong Country


He should have been born in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea. He believes in autocracy and supports brutal dictators. He does not believe in democracy and constantly violates the Constitution. Donald Trump is not an American.

John Bolton’s book reveals many things about Trump, and none of them will make the mentally challenged buffoon happy. Some of the information is at the same time hilarious and frightening.

For instance: Trump did not know that Great Britain is a nuclear power. He asked if Finland was a part of Russia. These and many more facts which prove that Trump is unfit to be the President of the United States, but some of his beliefs are not only fascist, they are in opposition to everything we think of as ‘American.’

On Wednesday, a speechwriter who worked for former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, confirmed one of Bolton’s most revealing and anti-American suggestions by your illegitimate president.

“Can confirm,” Snodgrass wrote on Twitter, quoting the allegation from Trump’s former national security adviser that the president said reporters “should be executed. They are scumbags.”

“This sentiment,” Snodgrass claimed, “[was] expressed again during Trump’s meeting with Mattis in the Pentagon.”


More proof that Trump would repeal the first amendment.

What is more upsetting and should become a far more serious concern is what Trump’s administration and the Trump Party has not done.

Republians 2016

If we look back at Trump’s early days in the White House, any honest, intelligent person could see that this new, illegitimate president was not mentally competent. If they loved their country, his own administration and the men and women who call themselves Republicans, would have removed Trump by invoking article 25. Trump is completely unfit to lead our nation. The truth is, that since the beginning of 2020 DJT has proven that he is incapable of leading. Instead these Republicans in name only allowed Trump to continue destroying the future of our nation. They proved that party comes first, and the American people are no more than an after thought.

Secondly, the evidence offered at his impeachment in the House irrefutably confirmed that he is not serving the American people, he cares only about himself. The fact that Moscow Mitch McConnell made a sham out of his trial in the senate is unforgivable. To hell with Trump, the American people deserved a fair and just trial in the senate. New evidence, and witnesses should have been allowed as they are in any legitimate trial.

I must be totally honest and admit that when Trump brought Bolton on board as a national security adviser, I was unable to understand why. Bolton’s politics are to the farthest right of the right-wing. His day in the ‘limelight’ had passed.

That said, when others confirm Bolton’s tales of his time in the West Wing, and many writers like myself are not surprised; that they only confirm what we assumed; every man and woman who claims to love their country must renounce Trump and refuse to vote for him. The truth is voting for Trump is a vote against the dreams of our founding fathers and the greatest document ever written, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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