The Trump Klan: a Dysfunctional Family in Chaos?


“Too Much and Never Enough:” this is the title of a new tell-all book about Donald John Trump to be released on July 28th, just a month before the Republican Convention. The author is a close relative, niece Mary Trump, the daughter of his deceased brother, Fred Trump Jr.

Although I could not find excerpts from the book, I did find an article in the well-respected, “Guardian,” which offers reasons for Ms. Trump writing the book. There are also questions about the immediate family. Are they really loyal to each other, and how facetious is their outward appearance? Is Donald Trump a ‘benevolent patriarch,” or is he a demanding and vindictive tyrant?

I begin with a little family history reported by the Guardian.

Donald Trump’s older brother died in 1981 at the age of 42. His early demise was related to the abuse of alcohol. His daughter, Mary, was angry at what she called ‘mistreatment of her father by his younger brother,’ contributing to his early death.

Trump Family

After Fred Trump Senior’s death, his will was angrily contested in 2000 by Mary and her brother, Fred Trump III. She claimed that the will was the result of “fraud and undue influence” by Trump and two of his siblings. The poor relations accelerated when Trump acted in the way we expect today. He took vindictive and hate-filled action. His retaliation took the form of refusing funds for Fred Trump III’s critically ill infant son who required 24-hour care.

The book appears to indicate that the entire dysfunctional family “loathes and distrusts each other.” According to other Trump family members, Donald Trump’s primary advice to his children was “don’t trust anyone.” When ‘GQ’ did a profile on Trump he told them, when he asked his children if they trusted him, and they would say, “of course,” he would tell them off.

According to Ms. Trump, there are other damning statements from Trump’s sister, retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry.


There are also stories about how Trump, Melania, Ivanka, Donny Jr., Eric, and other family members are not close and in some cases dislike each other intensely. A serious enmity exists between Melanie and Ivanka. They have nicknames for each other: Melania is “The Portrait,” and Ivanka, “The Princess.”


Finally, the book reveals that when Melania and Barron remained in New York after the inauguration, the First Lady used the time to negotiate a new prenuptial agreement. Interesting. I was right when I called the Trump Klan “white trash with money.”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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