If Trump Doesn’t Get his Way, He Will “Cut You:” The ‘Man-Child’ in the White House Cannot be Trusted

Trump in Rose Garden

Everyone knows that for Trump, loyalty is a one way street. Regardless of who you are, business associate, friend, or family. If you refuse to praise and support the malignant narcissist, he will “cut you” out of his life and punish you. He is the most vindictive man in history.

In 2015, Republican Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, was the first right-wing politician to fully endorse Donald Trump. He remains loyal to this day although Trump literally “pushed him under the bus” in 2018, and continues to punish him today.

Sessions (3)

During the 2016 campaign, Sessions was Trump’s errand boy. Among other controversial ‘duties,’ he met at least twice with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. After Trump illegitimately won the unconstitutional Electoral College in 2016, Trump nominated Sessions for Attorney General. Although he was and is a well-known racist, Moscow Mitch McConnell ramrodded his nomination through the Republican Senate.

Everything was fine until Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Investigator into the suspected collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia during the 2016 campaign. Trump ordered Sessions to fire Mueller. Instead, Sessions obeyed the law and recused himself from the investigation. The investigation continued and in the middle of a temper tantrum Trump fired Sessions in a text.

Sessions is running for the open seat from Alabama this year. Sessions has remained loyal to the lunatic in the White House, but Trump has refused to reciprocate.

The Alabama primary will be held next month. Trump announced that he is planning to travel to Mobile and campaign for Sessions’ GOP opponent, Tommy Tuberville. Mobile is Sessions’ city of birth; Trump will be there on the 14th.

We know that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him unless they agree to support his policies regardless of how vile and unconstitutional they might be. This fact is vital to our November election. Trump is not loyal to his country. He refuses to represent 60 percent of all Americans. His cult and the Trump Party are the only men and women living in America he supports. He, and none of his loyal followers are true Americans. If you choose not to support the Constitution, every word of our country’s most precious document, you cannot claim to be a patriot.

Dump Trump, and dump his hypocritical party.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the White House

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