The ‘Fourth Estate’ Exists to Expose Corruption in Washington: Sadly, it has Failed the American People


The first amendment protects a “free press.” Sadly what was once a respectful component of our society designed to expose corruption in Washington has become virtually silent since January 20, 2017. Independent writers, such as yours truly, have proven time and time again that Trump is not an American, is unfit to wear the label of President of the United States, continues to violate the Constitution on a daily basis, and supports fascist policies which are destroying our nation’s future. Add to this his failed economic policies, and in just three-plus years he has harmed our nation more than any other president in history.

America is on a downward spiral as Trump and his minions move our nation backwards into its dark past and worse.

Once considered one of our nation’s great newspapers, the New York Times changed direction and is hiding the truth from the American people. They have become allies of “television news” which has supported Trump since 2015.

I have never agreed with Donald Trump on anything now or in the past. I have covered his idiocy since 2013. However, I agree with him when he calls today’s news agencies “fake news.” From Fox to the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS, each of these “news” sources allow half truths and blatant lies on their publications or television broadcasts in support of Donald John Trump. We, the people stand alone as the saviors of our nation. We are the last defense against the establishment of fascism in America. Plutocracy is in search of a new army, and they, the super rich, cannot exist in a democracy.

64 years ago, at the age of ten, I trusted the police, believed what I read in the Los Angeles Times, believed that our leaders in Washington cared about me and all Americans, and respected our president although I was aware that they were not perfect. None of this is true today.

While other developed nations have progressed and become shining stars for their people overall, America has devolved. Our people are becoming slaves to the rich and powerful.

Capitalism (2)

America must not only change, it must be recreated to serve the many, not the few. Our leaders in Washington must accept term limits. The Electoral College must be abolished. The entire judicial system must face reform. All elected officials and the mainstream media must be accountable for the lies and half-truths. Capitalism without restraints and government control cannot be allowed to ignore the needs of their employees who are the driving force for their success. Issues including healthcare for all, free or affordable education, full equality for women without exception, and equal protection under the law for every American must become the priority of our government, not the profits of corporations and the uncontrolled growth of our nation’s inflated military.

People before profit must be our nation’s new motto.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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