20 Days After the Murder of George Floyd another Black Man Dies after Being Shot by a Policeman


This time the city is Atlanta, Georgia. A 27-year-old black man, Rayshard Brooks, was shot in the back as he tried to run away from police officers. He died shortly after the incident.

Officer Garrett Rolfe was fired and Officer Devin Brosnan was placed on administrative leave.

Bodycam footage shows Brooks calmly talking with the officers. He was found asleep in a Wendy’s drive thru. After being told by one officer, “I think you’ve had too much to drink to be driving, “ he moves to place the suspect in handcuffs. Then the words “stop fighting” are heard as Brooks begins to run. Then Rolfe discharges his weapon hitting his victim in the back.

The reason given for Rolfe’s firing is “use of excessive force.” I do agree that shooting an unarmed victim in the back qualifies!

Immediately after the people of Atlanta learned that another black man had been killed by a peace officer just 20 days after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, protests began. Windows in the Wendy’s were smashed and someone started a fire consuming the fast food restaurant.

BLM Protests

The stories are never ending. Any group of black men and women in a single room will have tales to tell about police harassment and police brutality. Recently I read about one black man who asked a single question on his blog: “When was the first time a cop pointed his gun at you?” The youngest responded that he was five-years-old. His father was holding him as an officer unholstered his weapon and pointed it at his father.

America’s entire legal system needs and overhaul; a serious overhaul. America will never be a great country until racism no longer exists in our country.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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