Trump’s Failed Economic Policies Will Place our Nation in Debt for the Next 100 Years

Trump (2)

Here’s the title of a CNBC article which says it all.

Total U.S. debt surges to $55.9 trillion amid big increases in corporate and government borrowing

Everything Trump has the arrogance to brag about is the accomplishment of another American, or is a blatant lie. His failed economic policies were moving our nation towards another recession long before Covid-19 moved us towards a depression.

His gifts to the one-percent and corporations are adding trillions of dollars to the deficit. The average net household worth is in decline. Many jobs lost during the current pandemic are never returning as corporate America realized they will remain capable of experiencing 500 percent profits with fewer employees. Add to this fact that artificial intelligence will end millions of jobs within the next decade, and an unbelievable number of American workers will be in need of food stamps.

The truth is, our nation flourishes when the working man and woman are capable of caring for their families without being forced to live from paycheck to paycheck; worrying that becoming homeless is a distinct possibility.

The term is “expendable income.” When wages remain stagnant, and do not rise in proportion to corporate profits, the average American has less to spend. As the price of housing rises faster than incomes, ownership of a single family home is no longer a part of the American dream. As plutocrats watch their bank accounts grow disproportionately, the United States will become a “debtor nation.”

Unrestricted capitalism is destroying America. Income inequality is growing as quickly as the national debt which is nearly 56 trillion dollars.


I have experienced the policies of 12 presidents, beginning with Eisenhower. Beginning with Ronald Reagan, and every other Republican president who followed his failed fiscal policies, the super-rich are the only men and women who experience “America.” More than one-half of all Americans are considered impoverished or low-income. The middle class is disappearing. No nation can survive with a fiscal policy which allows its annual income to be reduced and the national debt increase by an unimaginable number.

Is this Trump’s intention? Is he willingly destroying  the future of 320 million men, women, and children? If this is true, who is Trump serving? He lacks the intelligence to create such an elaborate plan without guidance from another.

The events of 2020 have become Trump’s “Waterloo.” He has displayed an inability to lead our nation which has cost at least 50,000 men, women, and children their lives. On June 1, 2020, a day which I will never forget, he committed a fascist act which can only be called treason. He prevented hundreds of real Americans from exercising their first amendment rights. His failure to display compassion and understanding for black Americans is irrefutable truth that he is out of touch with the American people.

Trump should never have been given the gift of the Electoral College. He is the worst thing to happen to our nation in its 244 years. Your vote can be the beginning; the beginning of America’s return to respectability and hope. Together we can join other developed nations which no longer accept racism or bigotry in any form. Women have the equality that was theirs from the beginning of time. The United States will end its regression and move proudly forward into the 21st century.


Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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