John Bolton’s Book is another Expose of the “Real Donald Trump”


It’s title is, “The Room Where It Happened.” This is  John Bolton’s soon to be released book. It is another ‘tell-all’ exposing the real events in the West Wing. He tells of a maniacal Donald Trump, and also reveals the truth about other members of this failed administration.

I won’t pretend that Bolton is a “saint,” or even a good and decent man. He delayed releasing his book as the impeachment process continued. If the material is accurate, it is unlikely that the trial in the senate would have been a sham. Republicans would have been forced to conduct a fair trial, and Trump would not be in the White House today.

“At the time the country needed him most, and history will reflect, he chose to sell books,” said Rep. Mike Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. “It wasn’t a question in his mind of whether or not he should talk about it. It’s whether or not he should profit from talking about it. Not exactly ‘Profiles in Courage.'”

Regardless of its content, Democrats are reluctant to seek Bolton’s testimony in possible prosecutions against Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

“John, we begged you to testify in impeachment. We tried everything, right up until the very last minute of the trial,” said Norm Eisen, a top lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment process. “You persistently refused. Now you want us to feel sorry for you & buy your book?”

When Trump asked Bolton to join his circle of sinners, both Democrats and Republicans questioned his decision. He is a disgraced war monger without qualifications who found previous employment at the only place which consistently hires failed right-wing politicians: Fox News.

Bolton’s one serious mistake was disagreeing with the bully in the White House. Trump added Bolton to a long list of men and women who were fired when they dared to express their own opinions or refused to violate the law in service to the malignant narcissist.

Outside of Trump’s failed party and his cult, the world knows about the “real Donald Trump.” He is a mentally challenged egomaniac who is unfit to claim the title of President of the United States. Every rash decision he makes harms our nation. The economic policies he brags about continue to add trillions of dollars to the deficit. Not a single ‘good paying’ job has been created by this administration. To the contrary, he ended President Obama’s efforts to increase the development of green energy, displacing thousands of workers who were receiving excellent compensation for their efforts.

Trump Cabinet

I have lost count of the books written for the single purpose of exposing the worst president in American history. The truth is, he never should have been elected. For eight years President Obama worked hard to undo the failures of his predecessor. Trump’s only effort has been undoing a great president’s legacy.

They are the two most opposite men in the world. President Obama is an extremely intelligent man who hired the most qualified men and women in America to restore our nation’s economy. His devotion to his country can never be questioned. Trump is not well-educated or intelligent, nor is his administration. He is a white supremacist who has no interest in the welfare of our country and the people he was elected to serve, Trump cares about Trump; period.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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