Tucker Carlson Echoes Fox’ Lie: “There is no Racism in America”


The paid liars who appear on camera for Fox Noise continue to claim that “racism is not a problem in America.” It would be easier to accept this blatant lie if they did not have the leader of the white supremacist movement in America living in the White House. However, the right-wing propaganda machine refuses to give up and will support Trump and his racist administration until it’s demise in November.

When Megyn Kelly left her employer, and attempted to find a role as a legitimate journalist in the real world of “news,” failing miserably, Tucker Carlson replaced her. He fits in well with Trump’s biggest ass kisser, Sean Hannity. In a feeble attempt to hide Trump’s fascist and unconstitutional action as he followed military attacks against hundreds of Americans peacefully protesting in Lafayette Park, exercising a true act of patriotism, he is now attacking the courageous Mayor of Minneapolis. Carlson claimed that Mayor Jacob Frey is “groveling” to Black Lives Matter activists over the weekend in a display of what Carlson described as “manic enthusiasm and feigned empathy.”

Since 1986, Fox has complained constantly when real Americans do right thing. Their intention is to divide America in hopes of aiding Republican in name only candidates in their attempts to win elections with lies and false promises.


Fox’ paid liars have no shame, no integrity, and no love for their country. Like the party they support, their only goal is money and power.

The facts are undeniable, unless you support Trump, and that includes the failures at Fox, you support black Americans. Before our nation was founded in 1776, and continuing through this day, black men and women in America have been treated differently than whites. I’m not referring to slavery alone. In my own life I have witnessed “white flight” from our nation’s cities. Some of my friends were harassed as they shopped in our retail stores. Others were detained by law enforcement simply for having dark skin in white neighborhoods. Excessive use of force, and the murder of black men and women have been commonplace throughout our nation’s history, but was hidden until every American had a camera on their cellphones.

The murder of George Floyd happened at a time when working class Americans were already suffering from the effects of Covid-19; a situation ignored by their illegitimate president. With tens of millions of working class men and women unemployed, the report of Mr. Floyd’s murder was the “final straw:” 244 years of police brutality and the judicial system’s failure to take these criminal actions seriously demanded action. The protests are growing everyday and there is no immediate end in sight.

Trump, his administration, his party, and Fox would like you to ignore the truth, and pretend that the facts are easily replaced by their contrived conspiracy theories. This is real and this time something will happen to begin change in America.

Fox is not a legitimate news service. It is the enemy of the people of the United States of America. Fox is the primary reason our nation’s government has become dysfunctional.

Traitors, including Moscow Mitch McConnell, have failed to perform the jobs for which they were elected. Aided by Fox, our nation is in turmoil, and will remain so as long as one fake-Republican remains in Washington. A last word which means everything to the future of our country: VOTE!

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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