Trump is Loyal to Trump and no one Else


Donald Trump has proven time and time again that his demand for loyalty is one way. He demands unquestioned fealty but offers none in return, regardless of who you are or your position in his administration.


The previous headline is from ‘Vanity Fair’ yesterday.

It is a fact that removing Kushner from the White House would have no effect on Trump or his administration. Although he occasionally accepts suggestions from his son-in-law, this only happens when those suggestions align with Trump’s own beliefs. Trump is an autocrat and for him a cabinet or close advisers is a waste of money.

Kushner is unqualified to have any position in government at any level. Here’s the truth you will only hear from me.

Trump is entirely incapable and unwilling to lead the United States of America. Kushner is his “go to guy,” but not in the way you might think. Any issue, any situation which arises that Trump is unable to consider, or simply doesn’t want to address, is passed onto Kushner, although the New York socialite has an equal level of incompetence.


These are Kushner’s current responsibilities:

  1. Peace in the Middle East. Grade: “F”
  2. Government/Reform and solving the Opiod crisis Grade: “F”
  3. Criminal Justice Reform: The events of today confirm a grade of “F”
  4. Liaison to Mexico: If Kushner had an opportunity to undue his father-in-law’s failures with relations between the two countries, Trump makes another moronic decision to undermine his efforts. I will be kind and give him a grade of “D-”
  5. Liaison to China: Even if Kushner was capable, Trump’s constant fallacious attacks against the second largest economy in the world prevent satisfactory relations between the two countries. Grade “F”
  6. Liaison with the Muslim Community: there’s not much to say here. Grade “F”

Kushner is Trump’s “whipping boy.” Whenever failure is imminent, he throws Jared “onto the fire.”

Trump is a coward. He is a draft dodger who is afraid of confrontation. When a serious question arises at a press conference Trump attacks the man or woman asking the question and rudely walks away as all schoolyard bullies do. When protests grew in number in Lafayette Park outside of the White House, Trump scurried to the White House bunker, several stories below the West Wing.

It would be a display of sympathy for the American people to vote him and his party out of office in November. He has proven that all he wants to do is golf and party at his millionaire’s only resort, Mar-a-Lago. Let’s help him. This will save millions of dollars for much needed programs in America. Trump’s wasteful spending of about $16 million each month would end.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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