Trump’s Administration Imploding? The End of a Shallow and Incompetent Administration?

Trump (2)

Denial, blatant lies, personal attacks, rage, hasty decisions, flagrant violations of the Constitution: these are the most recent revelations of how the West Wing of the White House has reached a new level of chaos and self destruction.

Prior to last week’s fascist and unconstitutional attacks on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park, Trump demanded that 10,000 American troops be sent to the streets of America to violate the rights of American citizens to execute their Constitutional rights and address our government for grievances against our nation’s citizens.

The firings and resignations inside the West Wing continue to be historic in number. With each replacement, and in most cases none at all, comes more chaos in the White House. Trump’s tumultuous temperament and unpredictable fits of rage prevent his administration from performing their duties. Their responsibilities have become singular: to appease the egomaniac in the White House.

Although Trump’s administration is filled with incompetence and nepotism, a few of those who remain continue their attempts to guide Trump into a semblance of competence and patriotism. They will never succeed. Trump is mentally incompetent and unwilling to lead our nation.

Trump’s demands were made in the presence of Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. Both men disagreed with Trump’s intent to violate Constitutional law. They offered an alternate plan which suggested that state’s governors call out the national guard to suppress the lawful protesters.


William Barr can no longer be called our nation’s Attorney General. He continues to act as Trump’s personal consigliere. His only purpose is to do his “Don’s” bidding. Sunday, on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” he denied that the meeting ever happened.

Can any member of the Trump administration ever tell the truth? Trump is the greatest liar in our nation’s history and his loyalists continue to exacerbate his lies. This is not America, and the Trump administration has failed to serve the American people for the last three years, four months, and sixteen days. The Washington Mafia must be forced out of our nation’s capital and banished forever from our nation’s government.

I believe that our president must be an American who loves his or her country. This does not describe Donald John Trump. He is a capitalist, and an opportunist whose only concern is his personal bank account.

I call on every voter to vote by mail, or go to the polls on November 3rd. We deserve better and Trump is the worst thing to ever happen to America. Our 46th president will serve his country and restore dignity and respect to the presidency.

Please vote and save your country.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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