The Ignorant American

Bill of Rights

The mainstream media won’t say it. Republicans and Democrats will refuse to speak the truth. Very few independent writers like me will offer the facts to the American people without ‘sugar coating’ the truth.

Millions of Americans are ignorant and choose to remain that way.

The truth: if you hate blacks for the color of their skin or because they are different than you, you are ignorant. If you believe that all Muslims hate America and are a danger to you and your family, you have chosen to be ignorant. If you claim that the LGBTQ community is a danger to your children and believe the unsupported claims of fake Christian leaders that “Jesus denounced all relationships other than between a man and a woman,” you are ignorant. If you continue to believe that Christianity is the only true religion, you have been brainwashed and accept the lies coming from a pulpit. If you are one of millions of men who believe that women are incapable of performing as well as men in the workplace and do not deserve equal pay or opportunity, you are ignorant. If you do not support the black community in their quest to receive equal treatment under the law, you are ignorant. And if you believe that Trump is an American and deserves the presidency, you have chosen to be ignorant and are a weak-minded man or woman who chooses to be a member of Trump’s cult.

In just a few months Trump has proven that he is unfit to lead our nation, His illegitimate presidency is an abomination to the 44 men who preceded him; he is not a leader when we need one most. His choice to deny the scientific fact that a health emergency was coming to America cost our nation’s people the loss of tens of thousands of lives. Attacking protesters instead of expressing compassion for the plight of African Americans in the 21st century has become a national referendum on our judicial system and Trump’s support of white nationalism.


In the last week, Trump has committed more Constitutional violations than all other presidents were accused of in history. His assault on innocent and peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park violated the first amendment rights of hundreds of American citizens, and confirmed that he is a fascist.

His actions reminded me of the unforgivable actions of Turkish President Recep Tayiip Erdogan in Gezi Park, Istanbul, in May of 2013.


What began as a protest of their government’s destruction of the last “green area” in Istanbul, grew into a protest of human right’s violations by President Erdogan in support of sharia law. The adjacent Taksim Square became the center for a revolt against an extremist government in support of one extremist religious belief.

This has many similarities to what is happening across America today.

The protests began after Mr. George Floyd was murdered by a member of the Minneapolis Minnesota Police Department. However, the underlying reason began 244 years ago. Harassment by law enforcement, physical abuse, and murders began while our founding fathers created the ‘new nation.’ Slaves were treated as less than human and denied human rights. Over the last two and one-half decades not much has changed, despite the passage of the the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Laws mean nothing if law enforcement denies their validity.

“A bad seed can ruin the whole crop in today’s society.”

This is what happens in a police department. They are trained to protect their own. The truth is that ignorance breeds ignorance. America must ‘grow-up.’ America will only become a great nation when racism and bigotry no longer exist.

We can become the change which saves America. Vote on November 3rd.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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