More Examples of the “Trump Effect” in Headlines: Your Fascist President Must be Removed from Power

Trump's March against the first amendment

If any of these headlines allow you to believe that Trump is the legitimate President of the United States, you need to have your head examined. Let’s look at a few of today’s stories which prove Trump is a bad joke played on the American people by ignorant men and women.

“Donald Trump: Drew Brees should not have apologized, we all should stand”

This is related to a feud between Lebron James and Fox’ paid liar Laura Ingraham. She attacked Lebron for defending Colin Kaepernick’s support of black lives. When Drew Brees, a white quarterback did the same thing, she called it a “moral choice.” Trump and his propaganda machine continue to prove that Trump is the leader of America’s white supremacy movement.

“57 Buffalo Police Resign from Riot Unit in Protest of Officers’ Suspension”

All 57 members of the Buffalo Police Department’s Emergency Response Team resigned Friday from the unit in an apparent show of support for two officers who were suspended without pay after being filmed pushing a 75-year-old man to the ground Thursday night.

The video showed members of the Buffalo Police department forcing an old man to the ground and then walking over him. I say good riddance. The Buffalo police department can hire and train men and women who will serve their community. No loss for the city.

“‘The troops hate it:’ John Kelly criticizes Trump threat to use armed forces to quell protests”

Trump is threatening to use our nation’s military to end peaceful protests by American citizens with the use of our military forces in violation of the Constitution. Former Trump Chief of Staff is expressing the mood of our nation’s soldiers who could be forced to wage a war against the people of the United States, ordered by a draft dodger.

“Ivanka Trump releases prepared speech after being dropped as Wichita State commencement speaker”

The university canceled Trump’s spawn as a commencement speaker based on her father’s failure to address the truth about the murder of George Floyd and the struggle by African Americans in Trump’s ‘Amerika.’

“Four, Yes, Four Texas Republican Party Officials Have Shared Racist George Floyd Posts, Says Report”

This article is exactly what it means. Four of Trump’s cult members claim that the “death of George Floyd was staged to undermine Trump.” No one could make this shit up.

The list of crimes against America by Trump’s supporters goes on and on. It will never end until he is physically removed by force or legally convicted of crimes against America, and our nation is returned to true patriots.

I know the previous paragraph is angry and its tone is violent, and that is not me. But my country is far more important than the greedy ambitions of one immoral man who is a traitor to his country. Each of our founding fathers felt the same and would have approved of anything which saved their nation.

Trump Hypocrite

In my nearly 74 years a single memory will remain permanently etched on my brain. Not in my wildest imagination, and I am an author of eight novels, did I think I would see a man claiming to be the President of the United States following our military through Lafayette Park as rubber bullets were fired and tear gas canisters exploded, aimed at U.S. citizens who were peacefully protesting injustice. Intentionally violating their first amendment rights with an act of pure fascism is unforgivable and Trump must pay for his crime. Trump is calling those same patriotic Americans, “terrorists.”

All this for a photo op: how stupid is your illegitimate president?

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image by the White House

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