If Law Enforcement’s Purpose is to Protect and Serve the People, why do they Continue to Wear Riot Gear?

Police 2020

Today’s law enforcement are not composed of “the boys in blue,” and they certainly do not look like the smiling, friendly policemen in Norman Rockwell’s paintings. They arrive on the “scene” in military vehicles and wear military clothing, carrying military weapons, or covered in riot gear. This does not encourage trust.

I admit that I have changed over my lifetime; I no longer trust members of law enforcement. Maybe it’s because I read so much and know what happens every day, and maybe it partly three-quarters of a century of experience. The bottom line is that when I encounter a member of law enforcement wearing a sidearm, I am uncomfortable.

What I do not experience is fear for my life. I am not black.

“JUST OUT: New HuffPost/YouGov polling finds that Americans support the protests, and view George Floyd’s death as part of a broader pattern of police behavior. That’s a change from the protests of the 1960s — and from just a few years ago.”

Posts from a Maine newspaper.

He lacks the character, maturity and judgment to lead the country in a perilous time

President Trump: We’re sorry that you decided to come to Maine, but since you are here, could you do us a favor? Resign.

You have never been a good president, but today your shortcomings are unleashing historic levels of suffering on the American people.

Your slow response to the coronavirus pandemic has spun a manageable crisis into the worst public health emergency since 1918.

We are also in the middle of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. There is no national strategy to recover from the shock that is disproportionately affecting people who were already struggling to make it.

Every newspaper in America should be honest about Trump. He is the worst man in the world and totally unfit to claim the title of “President of the United States.” His choice to attack the protesters and refuse to ensure the American people that justice will be done is an unacceptable and not ‘presidential.’

The last several months have forced Trump’s party to reconsider their actions over the last three plus years. The election is coming very soon, and with every day Trump’s failures are the reason his disapproval rate is rising and his approval rate lowering. They must be confused. Without average intellect or a true love of their country, they ask themselves: “should I have supported Trump’s fascist and failed agenda for the last three years?”


This is their last chance. Most Americans agree that Trump’s failure to lead our country through the pandemic cost tens of thousands of American lives. Most Americans also agree that our nation’s judicial system must be completely revamped. For hundreds of years minorities and low-income Americans have been treated more severely by law enforcement and the courts. Trump decided to violate the first amendment rights of hundreds of Americans by ordering them shot with rubber bullets and their lungs filled with tear gas so he could have his picture taken.

For 244 years blacks have been subjected to unfair treatment by the authorities. Low-income and impoverished Americans have faced severe punishment not applied to the wealthy. America must grow up, which means our government must change. The United States is the only developed nation without universal healthcare, free or low cost education for all, and equal treatment for blacks, Hispanics, women, the LGBTQ community, and non-Christians.

Local, state, and federal government’s elected officials have ignored the pleas of black men and women for decades, and when a serious problem is not addressed in a timely manner the situation is exacerbated. The ‘murder by cop’ of George Floyd was the “straw which broke the camel’s back.”

If you haven’t joined the protesters in our nation’s city streets, you are probably unaware that the marchers are not all black. Thousands of whites, Hispanics, and Asian Americans are standing up for their black brothers and sisters. Muslims, Jews, Mennonites, Amish Americans, and atheists are joining with Christian Americans to demand justice for all.


The emotions of anger and despair inspired by the murder of Mr. Loyd are the reasons protests continue today. There is nothing which is more patriotic than protesting against your government when they refuse to listen. Nothing has forced change more effectively than the American people when we stand together and demand that their government does the right thing by recognizing the needs and wishes of the majority.

America must change if it is to survive. We can no longer allow one failed president, and one cowardly party to undo the positive changes of the last 60 years. The Trump administration has been steadily moving our nation backwards since January of 2017.

Vote for change: vote against all candidates who have an “R” next to their names on your ballot.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of ‘squirrelbrand’

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