Trump Spoke of “Carnage” in January 2017, and here in 2020 He has Created and Allowed Just That

Trump Inauguration

No newly elected president ever offered the American people a darker and less optimistic speech at his inauguration than Trump. He did tell us some things, which were true. America is worse than it was 40+ months ago, and Trump’s fascist belief in extreme nationalism has materialized. He also forecasted something else which is happening today.

On January. 20, 2017, he depicted the nation’s cities as domestic combat zones and declared “this American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

More than 110,000 thousand Americans have lost their lives because of Trump’s failure to lead the U.S. in fighting the coronavirus. After George Floyd was murdered by a law enforcement officer last week, protests are occurring all over the world against the failure of the justice department to protect all Americans from racism and hatred. Sadly, some of these protests have become violent.

I have a very close friend in Tennessee. I do not believe he is a racist, or maybe he doesn’t know that he is at least a little prejudiced. However, when he e-mailed me today, he told me ‘he was disgusted with the looting and violence, and why aren’t they waiting for the laws to be changed?’ This is the way all too many white people think in America. The lifestyles of black Americans are something they are unable to relate to. Black children have a different set of rules than white children. All black Americans have learned that they cannot trust law enforcement solely because of the color of their skin.

If we are totally honest, black Americans have been waiting 244 years for change, and no one in power is paying attention. As for the looting and violence, this is not generally what is happening. Some young and ignorant men, and members of white supremacist groups, are engaged in civil disobedience. If you watch honest television news, not Fox, you know that many good Americans of different colors are doing the right thing and peacefully marching in our nation’s streets. They are joined by many others around the world.

What is your illegitimate president doing? He is verbally assaulting men, women, and some children who are execising their Constitutional right and assembling to express their grievances against our government. On Tuesday he threatened to send our military into America’s city streets to battle Americans exercising their first amendment rights.

Trump told another lie yesterday claiming that he ‘supports all peaceful protesters.’ After walking away from the television cameras, he joined members of the national guard and police. Trump was going to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a photo op. He wanted to walk the short distance. Between the White House and the Church were crowds of peaceful protesters. He ordered his hastily assembled gestapo to use tear gas and whatever force necessary to disperse the crowd and allow him an open path to have his picture taken in front of the Church.

hitler, trump, bible

The only “peaceful supporters” he supports are his cult members who protest in front of state capitols carrying guns and screaming for their “right to get a haircut.”

Was this “respecting peaceful protesters?” Was this trip necessary? Why would he violate the rights of American citizens to have his way?

The answer is simple: he is an ignorant, mentally challenged, son-of-a-bitch, and is unfit for the presidency.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of GPA Photo Archive

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