The Truth: Most Americans do not Approve of Reopening America too Soon: Trump’s Cult is Lying to You

Minnesota Covid-19 Protest

Trump, his Klan, his Administration, his Party, and his Cult do not care about you. They represent a small percentage of America’s citizens and are lying to you with the encouragement of their illegitimate president and cult leader.

Once again the television and print news are failing the people. They refuse to praise the men and women who are staying home as much as possible, showing their concern for others, doing the right thing and obeying the law. They spend lots of time showing the small number of Trump’s cult who are protesting this self-quarantine, and report the many tweets echoing Trump’s demands and lies. Here’s the truth.

The gun-toting, loudmouth, fake patriots who are holding signs with American slogans are not Americans; they are Trumpists. Their numbers are extremely small. As for the tweets, 82 percent of the retweets are “bots,” electronically reproduced, they are not real people.

Trump Rally (2)

Trump has earned the fact that he is the least popular president in history. His lies, the fact that he screams constant and disgusting rhetoric, his incitement of hatred, extreme racist views, and lack of respect for opinions of other than his own, display a lack of humanity and a very low intellect. He is totally unfit to claim the title of President of the United States.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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