With the Most Unqualified Administration in History, Does it Matter which Department Controls Healthcare?

Trump as Hitler

One of the first things all Americans learned about Donald John Trump is that he is not concerned about your healthcare. In 2017 he attempted to repeal Obamacare, leaving at least 24 million Americans without life-saving medical care. Together with Moscow Mitch McConnell and Lyin Paul Ryan, Trump ordered a replacement the media began to call “Trumpcare.” The bill was so poorly and hastily written it failed in the Senate thanks to the final “no” vote registered by the late senator from Arizona, John McCain.

DJT is a science denier and has become a science hater. After constantly being corrected for his unproven theories about the coronavirus pandemic, and his failure to listen to healthcare experts who were pleading for leadership and assistance, Trump decided that our nation’s healthcare should be removed from the experts and given to one of his personal stooges, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

Trump’s plan is to remove the pandemic response team from health professionals and create a new group within the State Department. It is unimportant to your illegitimate president that Pompeo knows absolutely nothing about healthcare or disease, or that the State Department is not involved with medical care, if it sounds good inside his tiny brain, “let’s do it!”


If you do not believe that Trump is a disaster, you are not paying attention. His choice to ignore a coming pandemic is the reason America has the highest death toll from Covid-19 in the world. Most importantly, and very disturbing, is the fact that he refuses to learn from his mistakes. He continues to make the situation even worse. Those little white balls cannot hit themselves.

To become an American president, the woman or man seeking our nation’s highest office must be intelligent, have sufficient general knowledge about our nation’s political system and how a functional government operates, and the wisdom to choose the most qualified advisers who would help her or him make the best possible decisions. Trump has none of these qualities or abilities. He is a dictator who has failed to perform the job for which he was illegitimately elected.

If the Republican Senate had followed the rules set forth in the Constitution and chosen their country over their corrupt and ignorant leader, Trump would not be in the White House today, and would not have been the one man who allowed this pandemic to kill tens-of-thousands of Americans and destroy our nation’s economy. He was impeached in the House, but Moscow Mitch McConnell created a sham trial, deciding Trump was innocent without hearing the testimony of one witness or allowing new evidence. This is a crime punishable by expulsion from the senate.

The evidence was overwhelming, but Republicans acquitted the worst man to ever fallaciously claim to be an American president.


It is mandatory that you vote in November if you are qualified. Our nation cannot survive another four years of a man whose goal is to repeal the Constitution. In addition, vote every member of his party from office. If Moscow Mitch is forced to retire, our government will have a chance to become functional once again. November 3rd will be here soon. If you do the right thing, this revolution will be glorious.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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