Fact: A Real President would not Personally Attack his Critics or use Demeaning Nicknames to Embarrass Them

Trump Lying

Small-minded schoolyard bullies use ‘name calling’ to make them feel superior to other children, although they know they are inferior. This is Donald Trump. He is not a man; he is that schoolyard bully everyone hated. He usually received the lowest grades in the classroom and when we played sports no one wanted to be on his team; he always cheated. No one liked him and he was never invited to a party. The truth is he was insecure and inferior to more accomplished boys and girls. This is your illegitimate president.

Trump has no knowledge about anything. With a low level of intelligence not seen before in the Oval Office, he is unfit and incapable of being the president.

Trump focuses most of his personal attacks on Democratic women. Hillary Clinton crushed him in the popular vote, and he will never get over that fact. Speaker Nancy Pelosi led Trump’s impeachment, making him only the third president in American history to be impeached. He calls them names and encourages his cult to create chants of hatred against these accomplished women.

Trump has accomplished nothing in his life. Everything he has was given to him by intelligent and hard-working men and women and leaders of foreign nations. His father, Fred, bought his deferments from the war in Vietnam, and we have learned over the last three years he purchased his diploma from Wharton. No graduate of an Ivy League school could speak gibberish constantly, be unable to spell common words, not have the mental capacity or attention span to read for more than two minutes, or not know that it is extremely dangerous to take bleach internally.

John Stahl ran for the 52nd Congressional District in California in 2012. He received an embarrassing three percent of the total vote. Like Trump, he has a very small brain and resorts to name calling in a sad attempt to belittle accomplished Democratic women.

Trump retweeted Stahl’s childish attacks on Saturday. If great minds think alike, small minds also share the same thoughts. He displayed his apathy for the 100,000 Americans who lost their lives from Covid-19 by refusing to mention the fact and playing golf.

“The president just retweeted someone calling the first woman nominee of either major political party in the US “a skank” a few hours after another Scarborough murder allegation on the weekend the country closes in on 100K coronavirus deaths.”

Calling Hillary Clinton a “skank” was only the beginning. He attacked Speaker Nancy Pelosi by maliciously degrading her appearance.

Next was an attack on up and coming Democratic star, Stacey Abrams.


“The president called one prominent female Democrat fat and another a “skank” tonight and it won’t get nearly the coverage of Joe Biden saying something dumb because the bar for Trump is subterranean and we’ve normalized having an ignorant monster as president.”

No one could be a more disgusting man-child than Trump, but Stahl is trying. We know that he has nothing to brag about, no one could win only three percent of the vote in an election unless voters knew that you were a sham and unfit to hold office.

Meanwhile, trump continues his attempt to create a conspiracy theory about President Obama. He is attempting to misdirect the fact that he was impeached and could be again. He continues to abuse his powers and obstruct justice. Your criminal-in-chief is the worst man in the world, and his only “friends” are people like Stahl. Sad, so sad.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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