Is Mitt Romney Attempting to Take John McCain’s Role as the Only True Republican in Today’s GOP?


The sham impeachment trial in the senate for Donald John Trump proved once and for all that Today’s Republican Party has abandoned the principles and ideals of the once Grand Old Party. When John McCain lost his battle with cancer, I wrote that the last true Republican had departed his earthly existence. In that sad and unconstitutional farce which allowed Trump to remain in the White House, one man, one senator, stood up for all past Republicans and did the right thing. He shined while every other member of his party revealed their disrespect for our country.

The junior senator from Utah, Mitt Romney, stood up for America and voted to convict Trump for his crimes against our nation. His explanation after every other Republican senator ignored their oaths of office and voted to save Trump’s humongous a**, defined the responsibility of every member of congress to place country first.

Last Saturday Senator Romney once again separated himself from the hypocrites who call themselves ‘Republicans’ and supported his country and the Constitution.

“The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose. It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power,” Romney tweeted.

What Romney is saying is the truth. Trump is attempting to replace democracy with fascism. He is following Adolf Hitler’s game plan in 1930’s Germany. He began by attacking the free press and continued to fire everyone in his administration who had the courage to tell the truth.

As expected, Trump was livid when he learned that one Republican had the courage to stand up to the schoolyard bully and then predictably used his mentally challenged son to attack a real Republican.

“Trump has since targeted Romney, and the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has even called for the Utah senator to be ousted from the Republican party.” This according to an article in “The Hill.”

Let’s be clear and totally honest. Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley and every other right-wing politician which supports Trump are not legitimate Republicans. They have become members of the ‘Trump Party.’ This failed group has renounced the American people and offer their allegiance to the fascist anti-American defiling our White House.

It is difficult for me to admit that for the first time in my 74 years I am ashamed of my country. Trump’s America is removed from the nation created by our founding fathers. The Constitution is under constant attacks from our own government.

The damage caused by Trump, his circle of sinners, his cult, and his Klan may be irreversible. But we must try. The dreams of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Adams, and others must continue. If we cherish and fight for their beliefs our nation can be saved.

Every fake Republican must be removed from Washington. If they refuse to serve you and me, they are traitors to our nation. We are the United States of America. This country belongs to the people, not a corrupt government. We can save the dream on November 3rd by voting. This is a simple act which is more powerful than our enemy’s lies and attempts to create an alternative nation.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


ourceImage courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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