Will Trump’s Hatred for President Obama End his Illegitimate Political Career?

Obama (3)

Trump is a demon possessed. His own mental incompetence is forcing him to focus on his fragile ego and toss what little intelligence he possesses aside. He is obsessed with men and women who have accomplished great things for their country while he has nothing to brag about.

President Obama is an extremely popular former president. Not only did he save our nation from the many errors of another failed Republican president, he displayed a level of dignity and grace not seen in the White House for decades. He earned the respect of not only the American people, but from people all over the world. This is why Trump continues to attack his predecessor. The orange man is without a single admirable quality. Trump is the least popular president in history.

Although Trump’s attacks have become tiresome, he will never cease his fallacious attacks on the man whose stature and mere presence embodied the title of President of the United States. Sadly, Trump has chosen not to be “presidential.” His demeanor is that of a spoiled and jealous child.

Trump began his attempt to discredit Mr. Obama with a blatant lie referred to as “birtherism.” In 2011, without an iota of evidence, Trump claimed that the president was not a natural born citizen. Sadly, the media granted him access to the television cameras constantly, and continue to do the same today. After his failure to lead the nation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, he is desperate to regain points with his diminishing base. It was no surprise that he created another baseless conspiracy theory he and only he calls “Obamagate.”

This is hilarious. The only illegitimate president who has been investigated for crimes against America every day since his inauguration is making false allegations against the only president in modern history who never faced a scandal in two full terms.

Hey, Donny Boy, it’s time to go back to your garish golden tower and let a real man or woman lead our nation. You failed at everything in your life, and the harm you caused our country is irreparable.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of the Interior

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