The Morons who are Protesting “Stay at Home Orders” Call themselves “Patriots;” the are Not; they are Selfish Criminals

Minnesota Covid-19 Protest

Serving Trump’s demands proves two things: You have no intelligence or spine, and second, you do not believe in America.

If you claim to be a patriot and love your country, you must respect and obey the Law of the Land; the Constitution of the United States of America. The tenth amendment guarantees state’s rights. Therefore, the governors of each state have unlimited power to pass and enforce state laws not in opposition to the laws guaranteed to the federal government. To violate state laws is a violation of the Constitution. But Trump’s supporters are not intelligent enough to understand this fact. They are anarchists and support Trump’s fascist beliefs.

The men and women who are protesting state laws which require self-quarantine are not patriotic or in any manner “American.” This situation is completely in line with the protection of human rights. Individual rights are protected by the Constitution unless they infringe upon the rights and safety of the majority. Spreading Covid-19 violates the rights of the many and those who oppose those rights oppose the first and 10th amendments.

Armed “Patriot” militiamen, “Boogaloo Bois” itching for a violent civil war, anti-vaccination fanatics, QAnon cultists, and a variety of conspiracy theorists, mingled with smatterings of ordinary businessmen put out of work continue to protest rules designed to save lives. These men and women do not love their country, they love the leader of the white supremacist, fascist movement in America, a schoolyard bully, by the name of Donald John Trump. And Trump cannot claim to be an “American President.” He orders his cult to violate the law in support of his fallacious claims and personal beliefs. Nothing he says is supported by scientific fact. The truth is that he denounces all science. He claims to be the “almighty,” and infallible. What he is, is the class clown who knows nothing about anything. His entire life is a charade.

Trump and the Trump Cult are responsible for the “dumbing down” of America. When a nation chooses leaders who are not exceptional men or women, the entire country reduces itself to a level of mental incompetence which endangers that nation’s future. This is the United States in 2020 under the control of the most egomaniacal and ignorant man in the world.

It is very difficult for me to accept America today. Between 2009 and 2017 our nation was governed by a president who was extremely intelligent, of legendary moral character, and a man who loved the American people. He surrounded himself with the most experienced and qualified men and women in our nation. Today, the man in the White House is mentally challenged. He is not an American; he is a capitalist. Trump has no morals and is despised by every nation in the free world. His staff is woefully unqualified and are nothing more than servants for their fuhrer.

Trump’s cult shares Trump’s fascist and amoral beliefs. Our nation is more divided today than at any time since the Civil War. Unfortunately, this situation will continue for decades and one mentally deranged man is to blame, supported by Moscow Mitch McConnell and his hypocritical party.

Please vote on November 3rd.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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