Truckers Against Trump: The Truth vs Donny Boy’s Fantasy


As Trump was lying about the release of a Covid-19 vaccine in the rose garden, truck drivers were blasting their horns near the White House. It was no surprise that Trump lied once more, claiming that their disruption of his fallacious speech was in approval of his policies. The truth, which Trump hates, is that they were protesting the Trump administration’s failure to protect their industry.

CNN is reporting the truth. “The truckers who have lined streets near the White House since May 1 are indeed protesters, not people holding any kind of celebration — and they are protesting a variety of issues affecting their jobs, not protesting in favor of Trump. In fact, one of their complaints is about what they say is lax federal enforcement of a regulation requiring more transparency from freight brokers.

“The truckers’ grievances are numerous and varied. They include what they say are unfairly low freight rates during the coronavirus pandemic, price-gouging by the brokers, ill-conceived safety regulations and permissive federal attitudes toward the autonomous vehicles that threaten their occupation.”

Let me ask a serious question the mainstream media refuses to ask: who are the men and women who compose Trump’s diminishing base today?

Here are the facts. Trump’s cult are like-minded men and women who share his beliefs in white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and the subjugation of women. These anti-Constitutionalists are a minority and cannot be legitimately labeled as “Americans.”

Trump’s support is diminishing in groups which supported him in 2016. Rural Americans, white middle-class Americans, and true Christians are rebelling against his policies and actions over the last three-plus years. Add to this the fact that older Americans, age 65 and over, who were part of his base, are now deserting the orange man. His suggestion that “some people will have to lose their lives,” based on the facts of what will happen if the country ‘reopens’ too soon and focuses on collateral damage of older Americans, may have made an influence on this demographic.

Here is the part of the article where we tell the truth. Any real American who has ignored Trump’s constant lies and investigates the truth about his failures and how he has harmed the future of America cannot support this fascist.

Trump is the enemy of the working class. He is a plutocrat and plutocracy cannot exist without a fascist government. Democracy in America is under attack by the entire right-wing.

It is no surprise that truckers are one of the first working class Americans to denounce Trump. Their livelihood is the base of our nation’s economy. At least 70 percent of our nation’s food and other retail items are delivered by the trucking industry. Trump’s lies cannot hide the truth from these men and women who navigate our nation’s arteries daily.

If we do not defeat Trump and the Trump Party in November, our nation is in great danger. The right-wing has damaged our country for more than three years, and some of this damage is irrevocable. Imagine what Trump and his subjects can do to our nation in an additional four years.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of photobeppus

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