President Obama vs Trump: A Great President vs Your Fake President

Obama (2)

Why Trump continues to falsely attack Hillary Clinton and President Obama: he’s jealous. Hillary Clinton was the most qualified presidential candidate in history. Trump was the least qualified. President Obama worked hard for the American people and saved our nation’s economy. Trump has accomplished nothing and was moving our nation towards another recession long before Covid-19 invaded our country. Hillary won the popular vote: Trump is the least popular president in history. Obama is the first president to sign a law offering healthcare to nearly every American: Trump failed in his singular attempt to repeal Obamacare. The list of Trump’s failures is too long for one article.

The truth is that when 44 presidents prior to Trump faced a national crisis, they consulted experts and found solutions. When Bush 43 destroyed our nation’s economy, Obama put together a team which saved our nation from experiencing a depression. Trump listens to no one and told America “the coronavirus will just go away.”

The election is coming in November. As Trump’s poll numbers continue to drop, he is becoming desperate. He only knows one tactic: create a non-existent conspiracy theory with blatant lies to attack his adversaries.

Trump has created a false scandal. The main players are President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden. He calls it “Obamagate.” The accusation includes alleged requests made by members of the Obama administration to “unmask” an individual, who turned out to be Michael Flynn, mentioned in classified intelligence reports. A common and legal process, it has been employed more often under Trump than during Obama’s time in office.

Here’s the unaltered truth. President Obama is the only president in modern history not to experience a scandal in two full terms. Every day of Trump’s nearly 40-month illegitimate presidency has been filled with accusations of illegal activity and investigations into his personal and public life. Everything from Constitutional violations to sexual assault have followed him every day. He is only the third president in history to be impeached, and would not be in the White House today if Moscow Mitch McConnell’s senate had performed its Constitutional duty.

Today Trump is facing another lawsuit involving his violations of the Emoluments Clause.

Trump has abused his powers constantly and has been given even greater power thanks to Moscow Mitch’s choice to surrender the power of the legislative branch of government to the orange buffoon.

I count at least 20 times when Donny Boy obstructed justice: each situation an impeachable offense.

If this illegitimate president was held to the same standard as his 44 predecessors, he would not have been in the West Wing after his first 90 days. He has been protected by every Republican in congress as well as the television media. Donald Trump is your “criminal-in-chief.” If corruption did not dominate Washington and the media, DJT would be in a federal prison wearing and orange jumpsuit.

Our nation has never been “great,” and never will be as long as racism and greed dominate. However, prior to Trump’s illegitimate presidency, we were respected around the world. With Trump defiling the White House, I am ashamed of my country.

This administration is the least qualified and most corrupt in our nation’s 244-year history. Not a single truth has come from Trump and his circle of sinners since November 9, 2016.

Much of the damage Trump has caused to our nation’s future is irreparable. However, with Democrats in control of the executive and legislative branches of government the healing process can begin. By removing Republicans from Washington, the nation created by our founding fathers will return and democracy will end Trump’s fascist regime.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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