How Can the People’s America be Saved? Eliminate Today’s Republican Party in Name Only, and Cancel Fox Noise’ License


It is clear that Trump, Moscow Mitch, and other Republican “leaders” have a single goal; destroy the America of our founding fathers. Unrestrained capitalism has led to one political party adopting fascist beliefs. The rule of law is under attack every day from the right-wing. With the assistance of the Trump Party, this illegitimate president has stolen powers which belong to the legislative party. He is not a public servant, Trump is a wannabe dictator who claims that he has unlimited powers. His impeachment voided that claim, but the sham trial held in Moscow Mitch’s senate reinstated the orange buffoon’s beliefs. And he is acting accordingly.

America can be saved, but it will require a joint effort from all men and women who cherish the Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed by our country’s most treasured document.

First, remove all Republicans in name only from office at any level. They are not the ‘party of Lincoln,’ or even the party of Reagan. They have zero principles which can be labeled as ‘American,’ or Republican.

It is important that I use Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell as a prime example of Republican failures.

Moscow Mitch created the “party of no.” Our government is dysfunctional because he promised the America people in 2009 that his party would do nothing, and they have kept that promise. A democratic republic cannot exist without deliberation and compromise. Moscow Mitch has not allowed Democratic participation in the senate for nearly a decade. The once Grand Old Party has become the enemy of the working class; the majority.

On Moscow Mitch’s desk today are over 320 bills passed in the House since January 3, 2017. He has refused to allow a floor vote on legislation which would help our nation’s most underprivileged citizens, women’s rights, voting rights, and provide aid for our military and their families, among other issues important to most Americans.

Second, Fox Noise must lose its broadcast license. It is not close to being a “news” organization. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes created the right-wing propaganda machine in 1986 to support right-wing extremists and intentionally divide our nation. It serves no other purpose.

Its success in brainwashing ill-informed and prejudiced Americans has caused irreparable harm to our nation over the last 34 years. Because its record of lies is enormous, Fox’ license should be revoked. Hannity, Ingraham, Pirro, and Carlson’s ass kissing of their obese fascist in the West Wing is an embarrassment to all men and women who love their country.

I’m not going to ignore Democrats. In order to return courage to liberals, old, white, men and women must be replaced by progressive, younger Americans. More women must receive your votes. I remain disappointed that a woman will not be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020. This is the time we need a great president who will work for the changes needed to restore our country’s respect and move all Americans forward into the 21st century. People would have become the priority over profit and war.

Regardless, the truth is that Joe Biden would make a far better president than the failure who is pretending to be an American president today. Biden loves his country, and Trump loves money and power.

When this fake-Republican Party and Fox Noise are no longer able to lie to the American people, intelligence and patriotism based on reality will return. Trump and his cult are a huge blackspot on America’s reputation and its future.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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