Great Danger Offered by a White House Led by a ‘Science Denier’ who Places Capitalism ahead of People


If Trump had not denied the fact that a crisis was coming to America in January, and believed in scientific fact, thousands of Americans would be alive today. Saying “it will go away” didn’t make it so. Lying to the American people about this administration being “fully prepared to fight the pandemic,” delayed actions which would have prevented America from becoming the world leader in cases of and deaths from Covid-19.

Just days ago, the CDC offered guidelines for reopening America’s businesses, and plans for making other crowded areas, such as airports, safe of the American people. The most descriptive action is to say that Trump and his incompetent staff ‘placed them in a shredder.’ The White House claims that ‘taking temperatures’ is sufficient.

Let’s begin with the biggest truth of all. The TSA may be the most inefficient and costly government agency in our nation. How can I make that claim? It’s easy; experience.

I began working at L.A. International in 1967. In the early 1970’s skyjacking commercial flights became frequent. One morning in 1972, after several aircraft crashed and killed everyone on board when bombs were detonated, I arrived at building “3” in LAX. As I walked to the boarding areas, the gates, I witnessed a big change. Between the waiting area and the departure gates 12-foot high walls had been constructed. There were three openings where every item carried by a passenger was hand searched. After passing through the openings, every ticketed passenger passed through a metal detector before being allowed on the tarmac where the planes were waiting to be boarded.

This was efficient, relatively inexpensive, and less time consuming. What is happening in our airports today is laughable. Spot testing has proven that a dedicated terrorist could easily pass through the airport checkpoints. Unnecessary actions have been taken which are embarrassing and even inhumane, and make the process more time consuming.

I applied for a position with the TSA. I am color blind and was unable to pass the portion of the test which simulates sitting in front of an x-ray machine which uses colors to define objects inside carry-on baggage. There are many other jobs within the TSA. I should have filed a complaint with the EEOC.

The biggest problem is that the TSA is run by an incompetent government agency. In the beginnings, security was conducted by a private agency and supported by U.S. Marshalls. Taking temperatures without using the available five-minute tests is extremely dangerous. Passengers will be placed in what can be referred to as a “flying Petri dish.”

At another time I will detail how this all fits into the plans of Trump and Vladimir Putin to destroy America and place control of our nation in the hands of the Russian president.

The effects of this pandemic are far more sinister and much larger than what is reported on the news. This could complete the third step ordered by Putin to weaken and destroy the United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of airbus777

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